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A Silent Witness

Title : A Silent Witness

                                                       Publication : Jaico Publishing House

                                                       My rating : 3.5 / 5

 A tale that dates back to 17th century when freedom was losing it's essence with the Portuguese rule over India . Las and order were under threat .The had become mere protocols that were more favorable to add to the   pockets of Portuguese than were practiced for the welfare of the citizens. Like always , Adversity births the leaders . In this story , the atrocities of Portuguese officials gave birth to the leader living in the heir of Kochi throne who gives by the name of Kerela Verma teamed up with the Samoothiri of  Calicut , sworn enemy of Kochi Kingdom, for the greater good.

What's a tale without a little twist to it? A series of events makes Kerela Varmna  fall in love with Unnimaya ,niece of Army chief Chempakessery Raja  ,d…

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