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The 5 AM Club

It all begins when an once successful entrepreneur is devastated as she sees her career crashing down and is standing on the edge of the thought of suicide when she stumbles upon a pass to enlightening and life changing session by a guy called Spellbinder. That meeting leads to some in depth conversation with an artist and a mysterious homeless man and eventually these three hop in for a life changing ride .

The book is all about following a morning routine that includes waking up early and practicing  a schedule of  three sub routines each of 20 minutes duration that  helps you elevate your life .It tells you about the ways how one can rise early as it's said that starting the day right leads the day right and make it habit to evolve physically , mentally and spiritually.

Every chapter begins with a quotation that definitely leaves you thinking and improve your perspective. Few of the chapters were very powerful in conveying the message and content of book through a story with u…

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