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Book Review : The Secret Principles of Genius

Curious minds create , invent and  discover . Everything that was once thought impossible , these genius minds made it happen . Their aura , their ways , their thoughts amazed the world . Their works which may be older than the time are still appreciated , honoured , respected and followed .  They make their presence felt by their thoughts which are so inspiring and guiding . They might not be around but their inventions and discoveries will certainty mark their presence in our lives and lead our ways . As a kid , I was always amused whenever I came across the names like  Einstein , Edison , Madam curie ,Shakespear ,and the list never ends . The only question that ran through my mind was how can someone be so intelligent ? Are they superhumans with some magical powers ? How can I become like them ? And I am sure , I am not the only one who had these questions . Most of us feel the same way . To answer all the unsanswered questions locked in our minds , I found this amazing book title…

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