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Book Review - Freedom From the I : Ultimate Path to a free mind and real success .

'I' is more than just a letter in the alphabet . It's an unseen negative energy that controls our minds and delivers in the form of actions that makes us regret later . It's a root cause for most of the problems which are almost self created than the fate showered.'I' is the ego which we always carry deep down with ourselves and empower it with our worldly impressions ,labels and judgments .It creates an inescapable maze of self created problems and unnecessary issues ,which might not be lingering in real life scenario but in our mind and  leads to isolation, anger, dissatisfaction and misery.

 Ego complicates life ,manifests a mountain of false pride and drives you away from the reality.
Lives would have been so much simpler and happier if only we were all wise and could tame the sparks of ego which has the potential of  turning our lives miserable and difficult .

For every problem , there's always a solution and solution comes in a million forms. I found…

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