All other times


 Sometimes we never find answers for the questions we are constantly troubled with

Sometimes we don't find reasons for the things that happen in our lives

Sometimes we actually give up on everyone we ever know

Sometimes we run after the people who try to push us away

Sometimes we just  try to  blend in the crowd we don't belong

Sometimes we try to so hard to make things happen yet fail horribly

Sometimes we don it anyway even when we know it's wrong

Sometimes we cry silently to our sleep

Sometimes we try smile while inside we terribly weep

Sometimes we face the mountains of trouble that never seem to end

But at all the other times , We are doing just Fine .

Life seems fair . Life seems good .

                                                     Picture from Google Search

- All means a lot  more than merely some

Don't let a piece of your life define your life because it's  not all of it . Your life is more than just  few setbacks .


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