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Hola Everyone !

             If you are anything like I am - who loves colors, prints that are cute and quirky, fond of things that add a lot more liveliness to your life, then all we need is Chumbak. For , it is the paradise of colors where quirky prints come to life.It's  a place where not only ideas happen but come to life.

           Being a crazy self taught artist , every time when I need to shop anything , be it a clothing item or a decor piece , I automatically gravitate towards Chumbak.Maybe, that's the reason it's called Chumbak ;) Love it !

                              I am all about all things Owly and Chumbak is the place where you find a many things that in shape of Owl. So out of love ,I drew this tiny drawing that represents both the things I love to the moon and back -Chumbak and Owls :)                    

             Since , the Summer is around the corner,it's time we drink water more than usual  to keep ourselves hydrated. Drinking a lot of water everyday is quite a task ( for me ,at least ) . But hey ! Chumbak got my back.Recently , I got two of the most cute and adorable Mason jars in blue that is beautiful and in red that is ravishing.These jars so adorably cute that I am always carrying them around and also drinking incredible amount of water daily. (They can contain 450 ml ).All I got to do is fill them up and keep them at my desk or next to the place I am sitting and trust me , you will keep sipping it even if you aren't thirsty. Yay !

               To make it a little fruity and berrylicious , I just added few strawberries to make it a kind of Detox water . Usually ,when berries are out of town, Basil leaves and a slice of lemon works as magic . Try it , it's Yummy :)
                  Since, I belong to the #LazyGirlsClub , the best thing about the mason jars is that they are easy to clean and carry since they come with a handle . And , You can click a zillion of cute selfies with them :) Sounds awesome,right ?


Also , I got a couple of cute notebooks to keep myself organized .C'mon, who am I kidding? I got them to doodle and draw my imagination or write down my ideas for my blog. 

Chumbak is a happy place and sends awesomeness your Way !

Also , I have got few clothing pieces too, if you wanna see a post on them . Say Aye ! Would love to do it :)

Happy Reading Everyone !


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