X-rays to scan out other's intentions

Right now I am having kind of Mixed feelings . I am beyond happy that I could come this far in this Challenge .Please Someone Pinch me as I am still not able to believe that I came till the word X. But being more than Happy , I am in a Fix right now. Wondering , What Am I speaking about? Don't Worry , I am just confused about what to write with letter X. Then an idea struck my mind . More Dramatically Saying , it was a Dawn of new idea in my Brain.

Okay so coming to the Point , I felt X rays is something I was always fascinated about. These are some miraculous Rays when summed up with right Equipment can show what's exactly underneath our body.Alright , I know you all know what X rays are and what are they often used for. Honestly I am so bad at explaining Scientific Stuff and its Purpose. So now I have discovered what I have to improve to be a better blogger.My Way of explaining stuff and of course my writing too.Well , We are always students of life . Right ?

After thinking Endlessly through numerous nights trying to figure out why people behave the way they do to hurt others . Even worse , some try to be nice on outside while they curse you and always wish bad for you on the inside. OMG ! These type of people really scare me because its not easy to scan what's on their mind. Every time I think of these things, I feel that I wish I had some X- rays type of thing in real life which can be used to scan out what other person's intentions are . Wow ! Sounds really interesting for me . But at last its just a Wish . If every person could scan out other's intentions ,eventually Everybody would be living alone. Or even worse , everyday would be like a War with every other person you meet . Ummm...That might ruin the whole essence of life,Isn't it ?Because in the end, Our life is ours and We should live it gathering every tiny memory that made us happy instead of scanning other's Intentions.Why Should we waste our time finding out what others think about us . I feel we should focus more on us and Try to be a better  version of our own self every day .


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