Rather Be lonely than Loved

                             Wrapped in the Silence of a Winter Night

                       She Cried herself to Sleep 

                       Years in the Darkness of loneliness 

                       She thought , Finding love was only her flashlight

                       So Desperately wanting to be loved 

                       She fell for all his lies Outright

                       With the time, her existence too was shoved

                       Empty conversations and lonely nights

                       For  She Loved him for a man he never was

                       'Cause all he told her were just and just lies

                        Though late it was yet  She realized 

                        Its better to be lonely than to be loved .




  1. It most definitely is! Nice. ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

  2. I have to agree, sometimes we can love the wrong person or have the wrong person love us and it causes a lot of problems. In that case, being lonely is not that bad as the alternative.



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