Preserve the Priceless

We often think very less of the most important things in Life. Like our Own Breath. Its the most important process for the life to continue. But Have You ever spent even a minute or two thinking about it? Its said , We don't realize the value of what we have until we lose it. Unfortunately , Its true. Lately , I have been reading about the drought that has hit few parts of India. Situation is Worse. Every single drop of water has been evaporated.But Thankfully, Humanity still prevails and Rules .Water in Huge Quantities is being Transported to lands that have dried up and People are at the edge of losing Hope.Wait ! Hope never fades away. Hope is like the Brightest ray of Sunlight which sneaks out even through or over the walls of Darkness. But What worries me is that Today only few places are facing worse drought and Fortunately other places have sufficient water to help. But What if , over the Times , Even the places with Abundant water lose the blessing by running faster in the race of ignorance and Pleasure.

If We come out of our Concrete Jungles and flip few pages back in the Book called Life  , we would realize how cruel and thoughtless We have become. We price things easily but have forgotten the Value of Priceless. No more the Air is Pure neither is Water. Its Good to move ahead , We are really believed to move forward when We enhance the beauty and value of sources that already exist . Destroying the very foundation then Building a Castle doesn't make any sense.

Things would make sense even better when we realize that WE BELONG TO EARTH .

                                     Don't take me for Granted 

                                     For I am to be Preserved 
                                    Think Twice before You Destroy 

                                    For I am the real reason of your Joy


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