Desirelessness of Desire


    World Runs on the fuel called Desire. Do Something More, Create Something Even Better and the list never ends.Everyday , Every minute , Every Second ,  a New Desire comes knocking at the Door of our Lives. We are so busy knitting the Web of Desires and get entangled so deep in the Web of Desires that we cannot find a way out. I always feel that Desires lead to the way of Unhappiness. Desires make us want something so badly that when they remain unfulfilled ,We are heart broken and Walk the Path of Miseries endlessly. Desires walks us away from the God . Walking Away from God is Walking away from Happiness and Our Own self.
The More the Desires
The More The Miseries
The less the Desires
The More the Happiness

Mathematically Speaking

                  Desires are Inversely Proportional to Happiness

                       Zero Desire = Better and Happier Living 

Desire is magnet that Pulls us away from the Purpose of our Life. Desires in a life are endless but In the chase of fulfilling the desires ,we often forget to live our life.

Even the State of Desirelessness of Desire itself is a Desire . Wanting to not have anymore Desire also becomes a Desire in a Way.

Do let me know your thoughts on Desirelessness of Desire . Would love to Hear what You guys Think .

P.s - This post has been Inspired by our Beloved Master .







  1. Desires have a lot to do with expectations and if the expectations aren't fulfilled we're left with disappointments. I try to keep my desires and expectations realistic or else I'm just left wanting...and that's not a good state to be in.
    Good post.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  2. Desires to me equal goals. All desires aren't a bad thing and they can help spur you to where you want to be.

    I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

    Shelly @

  3. Well said. And one should manage and be flexible with their wants.


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