Beauty is Beyond Definition

                                 Beauty is God and All his Creations

Beauty ! Its Boundless for it has no beginning nor does it has any end.

It can neither be measured nor can be priced.

Beautiful is everything that Lord created with love .

 You are Unique, Special and different just like everyone else.

Everyone is his Masterpiece.

Everyone is a Piece of Art.

Not all have the ability to see the Art

Pity them for their Ignorance , Don't hate them out of your Arrogance.

For Their Opinion doesn't make You any less or more of what You really are.

Flaws and Imperfections are Beautiful for they make you different from Others.

No One is Perfect and No one ever will be .

For Beauty lies in Heart than in Being Perfect.

Nobody needs to tell You are Beautiful

'Cause You are and You will always be.

This post is dedicated to the all people who are bullied every day or face hard time due to others misbehavior  . Don't let others control how you feel. We are all different and the Same. That's what makes us beautiful.

For I believe - Our Thought , Our Character  and Our Heart Makes us Beautiful




  1. This was really well written! We are indeed all beautiful and God looks at the heart not our outward looks. I believe you have a beautiful heart :)


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  3. Nice Description of the Beauty.


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