O - Optimism ( A - Z : Challenge )

First things first. I am back into Action  and I owe it all to one of the amazing blogger  Debi o'neille @  debi o'neille, writing against the wind  . She inspired me to continue no matter what. She encouraged me in all the ways possible so that I don't quit. Thank you Debi for all the encouragement and Inspiration.

Well , O stands for Optimism in the dictionary of life. There are always two ways of looking at things. one looking positively and another is of course negatively. The thing to be looked is always the same but the perspective with which We look at that very thing matters.

This picture says it all :)

Optimism is not something difficult to achieve . We all have it in ourselves but the only thing is we don't use it. It is being positive all the time no matter how life is treating us. BE POSITIVE even when we are having sunshine or even when it rains. If we are positive enough ,we might even enjoy the dark clouds and everything that comes along.

So lets start looking at the greener and brighter side of the life and Enjoy every second of it :)

Stay positive and always believe that Glass is half full.

Thanks for Stopping by.


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