N - Nature (A -Z Challenge :Day 14)

I was wondering that what  should I write for Letter N. I was trying really hard to get an idea. All the time I had my idea around and right in front of me but I couldn't see it because I was totally into the writing of post . But later I realized its(A - Z) not about writing a post daily but its something more than mere writing everyday. Its all about thinking creatively . Innovating something and discovering that is around us . Then sharing your views with other bloggers.

As it is said better be late than never. So here it comes . N is for Nature. I bet everyone of us loves it to the core. Beauty of nature is beyond description with adjectives. All the adjectives used for describing beauty fall short to describe the real beauty of nature.Where did all this beauty come from?  Well, I guess we all know the answer. God ,the greatest artist of all , manifested the nature with his own hands. His creations act as the base for the great artists in our world. Great paintings, Beautiful poems, amazing photographs and lot more are inspired by the beauty of nature itself.

The best quality of nature is that its selfless. It always gives ,gives and gives but never asks anything in return. It is Unbiased. It gives us every basic necessity without discrimination on the grounds of nationality, race, caste,economic status, color,gender ....so on. It sees none of these but gives us the fruits of comfort. I feel its right to say Mother Nature instead of Nature.

If we go on mentioning the blessings that Mother Nature bestows upon us then my entire life wouldn't be enough.

But are we respecting the Mother Nature? The answers are pollution,deforestation, deadly diseases, extinction,endangered animals, and what not.

Lets Save the Mother Nature and pass on the treasures of nature to our next generations .

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  1. I agree! Nice to meet and connect through the AtoZ challenge.

  2. Hi....just saying hi again. I see you stopped your A-Z. Hope to see you again sometime.
    I am thankful for the beauty of nature......but being at the computer for most of April sure makes me miss it right now!


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