M - Must Haves for Inner Beauty ( A - Z Challenge : Day 13)

Lets do a make - up post. Lets glam ourselves with inner beauty essentials. The best thing about these beauty products is that we can always wear them to look beautiful inside and out :)

For Eyes : Adorn our eyes with the vision of Lord.This would help us see the path that Lord shows us. Also it helps us to see the positives in others leaving behind the negatives and look at the greener and brighter side of the world

For Mouth or Lips : Apply a tint of good language and kinder words. Moisturize  lips by using lips for blessing someone instead of cursing .

For Nose : Massage your nose so that you will realize that the most important thing called breathing is least thought of.

For Ears : Clean your ears with truth lotion so that it will enhance your ability to hear the words of the God and your conscience

For Hands: Moisturize your hands with benevolence cream so that your hands raise to help the needy .

For Legs : Apply a cream of Courage to moisturize them so that they can stand for the righteous things even if alone

Above all have a heart that feels the pain of others .

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