J - Joy of Giving (A - Z Challenge : Day 10)

Joy of Giving is something that cannot be described in words. If we would try to define it, we would definitely run out of words for sure.

Joy of giving is above and beyond the description by words.

Joy of Giving is felt by Heart. Joy of Giving is not about giving something to others, We receive much more than what we give . We are given back the most precious thing i.e, Happiness. Our heart beats with new rhythm of joy . Happiness in the eyes of the person whom we help gives us an amazing memory to our stock. We find new definition for happiness.

Joy of Giving returns us a day to smile and a day to sleep with content heart.

Joy of giving is receiving in feelings and brighter emotions.

Joy of giving is everything that makes you smile with your heart .

Its is smiling with tears in your eyes..Which is Priceless :)

The video linked below would be an inspiration for all the wonderful people out there.This video will make you smile through your tears.

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  1. Cannot agree with you more. The joy you see in someone's eyes, that moment when their face lights, is worth far more than anything you could receive in return. Lovely post.
    Stopping by on the A to Z. :)


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