H - Humility ( A - Z Challenge : Day 8)

Are we true to ourselves? Well, most of us wonder what kinda question is that. But yes ,you heard it right folks.Are we true to ourselves? May be yes and sometimes No. The situations where NO is the answer then its not us who's answering it. Its our darker side or should we say the "so called greatest me" called Ego answers it. We cannot deny the fact that we don't own Ego. Lets be humble enough to accept the truth.Often we feel that we don't carry our ego always. Trust me Ego is like the shadow, Its not seen always but its always with us. It makes it appearance depending on the direction of the light. So does our ego. Its embedded deep somewhere within us and pops out suddenly whenever someone underestimates us or our abilities and capacities.

How do we cope up with it. The answer begins with "H". That's right. Its Humility.
Humility is not thinking ourselves less but accepting what we really are. Nothing happens to us if someone underrates us. It shouldn't matter to us at all. Because at the end of the day we know who we are. We can lie to every one in this world but lying to our own heart or soul is not easy.So other's opinions or ideas towards us should not affect our existence.

Humility is the modesty to accept who we are and what we are capable of. Nobody is perfect in this whole wide world . But we can try to be better than what we were yesterday . If we are humble enough to accept what we are then, We will definitely grow. Its better than pretending to something great that we are not.

Great leaders possessed this gem called Humility. Even though they have achieved the impossible, they were always humble in their approach.They never bragged about their glory and achievement.

We are like a tiniest droplet in the ocean of knowledge.No matter how much we learn there is always much more than we can image to learn in this world.So lets accept ourselves the way we are. We need not brag about our own self. Even if someone underestimates you let them do it because its going to change nothing.
Most importantly , we must never consider ourselves great even if we have achieved something. Its the time to be humble and appreciate the things or people who helped you to succeed.

As per  Humility is simply being down to the earth.

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