G - Gratitude ( A- Z Challenge : Day 7)

I have been wondering what is the word that We often use. The word first struck me was "THANK YOU" . We usually thank people for their help or support. Do we really mean it? Well, God knows. For me , Thank you is so much more than just a word to appreciate other person's efforts to help us out. Thank You is the word that should be uttered by heart not just merely with our mouths.

As per me, Thank you is the word expressed in Gratitude. Its just doesn't only appreciate the other person's effort in extending help. Also  means that We are grateful for what they (others) have done for us and we will always remember their help ,also if needed and possible we will try our best to return the kindness. If we are able to help them back at their worst that doesn't mean that we are square. We must not think that we are free from the circle of exchanging help.We must always be thankful to them as they helped in a situation where we had a dead end. Gratitude should always be carried till the last breath of our lives.

 Not being grateful is considered to be the great sin on earth. It is so because when we are surrounded by pitch black darkness, a ray of light matters more than anything ,right? So is the person who helped us and supported us in our most worst conditions must never be forgotten.

Here are the two perspectives of being Thankful.

Here is the another one :

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  1. That is so true :) Wonderful write. All the best for your A-Z Challenge.


  2. Gratitude is often overlooked in our busy lives. I'm glad you're helping us appreciate it.
    (new follower)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

    1. Hi Lexa. yes we do overlook it many times but we really need to be grateful for everything . That's so sweet of you. Thank you for the follow . Its means a lot to me :) Thank you !

  3. My biggest challenge with gratitude is remembering the things that could have happened but didnt... sometimes that is just as important for me...nice post!

    1. Hi Zoe. That's true but that's what gratitude is all about , always remember the kindness we got from others. Thank you !


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