F - Faith ( A - Z Challenge : Day 6)

Its a new day and  yet another week to discover the beauty of Life. I would like to begin the week with a hope of seeing a better me .

There are times when our eyes see nothing but the darkness. When we are done with our patience to see the light, eventually darkness becomes a part of our life. The darkness of life can be broken down into pieces when we believe that God loves me and no matter what happens in the life ,he is always there to save me.
When things fall apart never give up the faith in God. God is always in time.In the times when our expectation are drowned , put yourself in the hands of God and believe that he has even greater plans for you.

Faith is jumping off the cliff with a confidence that God will definitely catch you.
Faith is walking on the ocean believing that God will not let you drown.

Faith can take many forms. Its just not a relationship between the God and you.
Faith is one of the higher qualities of life , which is the ability to believe in impossible.Heart is an enlightened guide if it is inspired by faith. Faith gives unequaled strength and also a special dimension to all that constitutes to daily life, in each one of its activities .Faith is the strength of a human being. In spiritual sense , Faith is the lively link between the supreme and mortal.

Mahatma Gandhi had faith in non violence to achieve India's freedom from the British rule which was an unbelievable/impossible task for many.Again its the faith in Mahatma Gandhi's leadership for freedom fight whom the Indians followed and ultimately leading to Independent India.

Another inspiring example is Nelson Mandela. Had he not guided by his heart inspired by faith,still South Africa be in the clutches of Apartheid.Can anyone imagine his suffering? I am not talking of his jail life of Robin Island.He had much bigger invisible suffering after he was freed from the jail and became the first President of democratic South Africa.The people who followed him his struggle for democratic South Africa wanted a sort of revenge including his family members after he became the President.But Nelson Mandela asked his followers all their fighting weapons in the sea and forget color, race and creed to make South Africa really a democratic Nation.It was his faith that did not allow him to yield to the pressures of his followers.Otherwise , South Africa might have been still fighting the racial war.

Hence, faith is an invisible force and results can be obtained if followed by Love, Patience and Discipline.

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Happy Monday :)


  1. I'm glad your faith is strong. It will help you tremendously over the years in good times and bad. It will change and give you direction too...when no one else can. Stay strong, take care...

  2. love this!!! Faith is the best thing for us all! Hope you will visit me back


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