E - Empathy ( A - Z Challenge : Day 5)

Today, its Day 5 and its weekend too. So lets do things differently today. Instead of writing so much , I just thought I would convey my thought through a cartoon which will not only teach us a better way of living but also it will take us back to our Childhood ( The most amazing part of our lives ).

So here it goes :

 Have you ever tried someone else's shoes? If we try them either our feet will hurt or we end up throwing them away as soon as we feel that they are uncomfortable. We find it very easy to comment or disgrace a person if they are a bit different from us. But we never try to feel or know what they are actually going through. Or even we least care about their lives but we do like commenting them.

Sometimes if we see a person in pain we sympathize with him/her. Console them saying " Everything will be al right" . But are we sure of it? Many a times we know that's a difficult situation to overcome but just to lighten or ease the pain of others we say " Everything  is going to be fine", even though we know its quiet hard. We just say it and easily go back to our lives.

Empathy is entirely different from that of Sympathy. Empathy is feeling with others heart. Putting ourselves in others shoes. Seeing the problem with their eyes. Empathy is like placing our own self in others situation and finding genuine ways of solving it. To empathize with people its very necessary to understand their nature which is the most complex part as every human and his nature is unique .Its very important to give suggestions that match their nature. If not, we will end up disappointing them even more adding to their problems.
That's all human analysing skills which depend on human intelligence.To empathize even more effectively you just need to have a heart that feels their pain then you will definitely come up with the best solution.

A picture is better than a thousand words. So here it is what I really mean by all that writing

P.s : Video has been taken from youtube and the picture is from google search :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great Weekend :)


  1. Anoosha, thank you for commenting on my blog. Great picture with the mirror - it says it all. Empathy is so much more, as you say. A very sensitive approach, and good A-Z Challenge.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Fanny. Pleasure is all mine. Yeah its not easy to define Empathy in certain paras ,it is so much more. Thank you and Good luck to you too :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. Empathy is vitally important for real human connection. Thank you, Anoosha :)

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

    1. Hi M.J. Yes ,indeed it is :) Thank you !

  3. I liked your "E" very much! Relief to be here after clicking on blogs going "meh," "oh boy" and "hell no" for the past ten minutes. I suppose that is not empathetic of me, but it's true. I shall now retire. Thanks for your post!

  4. I am glad you liked it. That means so much to me. Thank you !

  5. I just want to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. It’s basically a way for bloggers to show appreciation for their own favorite bloggers, while learning more about each other and gaining some readers along the way. If you’d like to participate, just visit my blog for the details and questions. If not, then act like I was never here! Just know that I enjoy your posts and have a great day! :)


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