D - Duty ( A - Z Challenge : Day 4)

'Duty' and 'Right' are the two words that always go side by side. I am well aware of my rights but am I discharging my duties with the same determination and dedication with which I claim my rights .

So I take this post as a reminder of my duties. Well , the set of duties change with the roles I play everyday.

To begin with , The duties I should perform 

As A HUMAN :    My duty as a human is to serve the purpose for which I was sent to Earth.
                          Be thankful to the Lord for everything I am and for everything he gave.
                          I should always embrace the very essence of being Human - HUMANITY
As A DAUGHTER: Never let down my parents
                          Should try to be the pride of my dear Parents
                          Should preserve and if possible enhance the respect and the honor they hold
                          Give them the happiness and joy they deserve from my part.

As A Sister         : Support her whenever necessary.
                       Should be one among the persons she could count on.

As A Citizen       :  Should abide by the law,rules and regulations.

As A Friend        : I should be reliable
                       Capable to wipe the tears of my friend and bring her life back to normal if needed.
As An Aunt          : Should be able to show my niece the righteous path.
                         Should train her to be wise in everything she does.

As A Social being : Maintain healthy relationships with my fellow being.
                        Be helpful
                        Should not discriminate on any basis

As A Student : Should abide by the rule and regulations of my Educational institute

Well, duties should be performed with no intentions for personal pleasures or for personal success. We work because We have a duty to discharge and obligations to fulfill.

For me , duties should be performed with a feeling of " I should " rather than with a feeling like " Uhh! I have to "

On this note , I would like to share a video with you guys.I was moved a lot by this very video.

If we feel that Its mine and I  should do it , the duties will never be a burden 

Thanks for stopping by.

Please feel free to share your feeling. I loving reading them :)


  1. They all look so happy with themselves. Its amazing what combined solidarity can achieve.


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