C - Character ( A - Z Challenge : Day 3)

Today , I was in a fix while thinking of my post . Actually I was stuck between two most powerful words in the dictionary of Life .First , I thought of going with Courage then later with  Character. Really, it was quite difficult for me to choose one of them. Finally I 've ended up with CHARACTER . The reason for CHARACTER was simple as it is the only thing that is remembered even after the end of life of the person . Neither his wealth nor his reputation is remembered once the person bids final good-bye . In the world nothing lives forever . The only thing that lives beyond time is THE GOOD CHARACTER of the person.

We all know the word character and very often we use it too .But if someone asks us to define Character we either stumble upon words or just run out of words . So how do we define it?
Well, I have discovered a simple way to define the Character. We all love to watch movies,right? Yes , I can watch movies back to back. Okay , that's another story. So at the end of the movie we love or like the lead role actor or the hero/heroine of the movie. Why do we like them? They are just other humans like we all are. Also the hero/heroine plays in other movies too but we like them in a particular role only. Other point is that we don't know these actors in person then what's in them that makes us like them? 
Its the CHARACTER they play that attracts us more.That's the reason we don't like villains of the movies. We get attracted towards the goodness within the person. 

We can define the character as the goodness and thoughtfulness of a person that builds his /her character. 

Character is the combination of bunch of virtues that person displays or hangs on to  even if he is not being watched .Nobody is born with a great character but everyone can build it. It is the measure of how a person behaves with the fellow being . It tells us how a person treats the creatures of the world. Our choices and interests also define our character. Our reactions in different situations describes our character.Our response to the things we dislike shows our character too. Even simpler , music we prefer defines our character . In fact the words we use on the daily basis can decide our character too. So we have to more cautious while we pick our words . Every single action of a person describes his Character. 

A man with a strong character is never afraid of standing alone for what he believes to be righteous .He would prefer to fight the war alone than to be one among the rest. Eventually this character ends up as Leadership. So if one has good character he can not only be a good person but a great leader. The history proves the rest about the Leaders. We still respect our leaders and try to walk the path they took back then.Again its the character that we admire.

Recipe for Character :

Pure Heart + Balanced and open mind + Forgiving soul + kind Tongue = Great Character

Its said that fate is pre-written but our character can turn things around. 

We don't need super powers to change the world because God has given us the ultimate power called Character. 

There are a bunch of people who inspire me with their characters. They are not famous enough but for me they are my path setters . I am lucky to have them in my life .

" Everything fades, what remains is your character."

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