At the end of the bend .


                                                        A deep breath She took

                                                    Walked the path less trodden

                                                  Unaware of where it would lead

                                               Or what waited at the end of the bend


                                   Darker and spooky it was as she walked ahead

                         'Turn back while you can ' her mind continuously  said

                                    Unheard her mind and brushed away her fears

                                   She became her own strength over the Years

                The path wasn't so welcoming yet she wasn't scared anymore

          For at the end of the road , there is whole new world to explore.


Just because it's different and new , it doesn't mean it's wrong . Or just because everyone else is doing it doesn't makes it right. It depends on one's own perspective . The once believed to be wrong becomes  right later.You never know , how the things may turn around.Just because something is being done in certain particular manner doesn't mean that it's only the way to do. There may be some unexplored ways or untried ways to do it.

                                      Everything depends on how you look at things. Let's change our way to look at things. Let's not narrow our thoughts .It's time to broaden our view and rise beyond our fear and have faith in ourselves. Let's explore the world . Let's try something new. Even if we fail , atleast we will be happy that we tried something new . We don't actually fail , we just become better .













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