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We keep uploading every picture we take on the social media platforms and that's definitely great, for they will always serve as memories . Through these pictures , we get to know what is happening in our friends lives.But when we are having a rough time , these pictures make you feel like you are nothing or not worthy enough to exist. Perfect pictures or the happy videos don't describe what exactly you are composed of or what you do or what you are capable of .

Pictures are either just pictures or some happy memories .No one takes a picture while crying to sleep or while they are feeling low. In this world , where everything is going digital , we prefer sharing everything we do or think through various friendly social media platforms.We hardly talk directly to a person sitting next to us. All those amazing pictures one shares makes you think or even get envious of why they are having a good life while you aren't so blessed like they are. We fail to understand that they are just pictures and not their full version of life. Everyone's life has ups and downs. Just a fancy picture doesn't describe the life being perfect. Life is never perfect and never will be .That's the beauty of life. Also Pictures are not perfect either . The way you look at them make the pictures either lovely or just another picture.Pictures might look amazing and happy . But you may never know what the person is going through even if he / she is smiling in the picture. Or You don't even know what a struggle it was for the person to take such a beautiful picture or how many might they have clicked to get the required picture. You never know . Because , we are so desperately attracted to what others want us to see . 

                                         Picture  from Google search

The reason  is we wish the life others are living and failing to see how wonderful our life already is . We are so attracted to others happy lives that we fail to see the blessings and happiness we are bestowed with. Let's appreciate the pictures for they are someone 's memories, someone's talent or someone's art or someone's career. But let not make them feel you inferior because you are not. We all need to remember , we have various applications to make our pictures look  wonderful .So let not pictures deceive you about you have nothing worth while.In our lives too , we have a software to create a better life and It's called Gratitude. Be grateful to everything you have as It will make your life beautiful and happier. 

PS - I Love pictures for I always appreciate them for they mean so much to the person who is in it or taken it . I felt like writing this post as I myself and many others like me felt that way once.But When I realized that we must count our blessings than feeling sorry for why is our life not like those wonderful pictures.


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