The Battle the World din't knew.

Draped in the Colors of Night

Streets silently spoke of  her plight

Words were many , Only few echoed the truth

Soft whispers turned into voices , every time she crossed the booth

                       Nobody knew who She was or where she belonged to

               Why She was the way She is , No body had a Clue

              'Cause Its easy to judge and hardly the World Cares

               World can be cruel  but She knew God is always Fair

Fighting a battle for what she believed to be Godly right

Fought like a warrior ,and its was rarest of sight

Wounded , injured and fallen to the ground 

Her will as strong as rock , She was ready to rebound

We , the people are so quick at passing judgment rather taking a minute to realize that we have no right of pointing others  . Why are we so busy at judging others? Why can't we invest the same time bettering our own life? Just give it a thought, it will already make your life Better.





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