Saturday, July 30, 2016

Be You .

                                                       I may not be perfect 

                                                   I was never meant to be

                                                For I was born to be just me 

                                                    Wild , Weird and  Free  

 PS - I have created this picture as I am so into calligraphy these days. Do let me know how you guys like it.

Happy Blogging.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chase away Love.

                                         Cursed with eternal loneliness

                         Locked in the dungeons of isolation 

                        Battling  the Darkness of  Vengeance

                     For ego blows out the candle of forgiveness

                   And the Ship of kindness never made it the shores

                   'Cause We chose to hate and chase away Love.

Everyday we wake to news that pinches our soul and heart. But we being we , we just go on with our busy lives and don't even care to spend a thought even if its free. We hardly care as it has happened to someone who is not known to us. We fail to realize that in a way or other , every person on the earth is related every other person through relationship of Humanity.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Battle the World din't knew.

Draped in the Colors of Night

Streets silently spoke of  her plight

Words were many , Only few echoed the truth

Soft whispers turned into voices , every time she crossed the booth

                       Nobody knew who She was or where she belonged to

               Why She was the way She is , No body had a Clue

              'Cause Its easy to judge and hardly the World Cares

               World can be cruel  but She knew God is always Fair

Fighting a battle for what she believed to be Godly right

Fought like a warrior ,and its was rarest of sight

Wounded , injured and fallen to the ground 

Her will as strong as rock , She was ready to rebound

We , the people are so quick at passing judgment rather taking a minute to realize that we have no right of pointing others  . Why are we so busy at judging others? Why can't we invest the same time bettering our own life? Just give it a thought, it will already make your life Better.