The Once Voiceless Soul

It was the beginning of the end

Pieces of life scattered and lost

She was like Silent Sea

With a storm to unleash

She was not scared but Scarred

With the labels of Judgement

She was like a kite struck in dry branches of a tree

Wondered day and night what it feels like to be free

Only her thoughts were free but needed a voice

A voice so strong and Soft at the same time

Also , She knew every thing has a price

Maybe not this time , for her thoughts were sublime

This time She din't give up and harder she tried

Her thoughts found a life in her writings

Her Words spoke louder than her inner voice

The unspoken thoughts , now had the voice of their own

Her thoughts now were the topic of every lip

The Once Voiceless soul lost in the hustle of the World

Had her thoughts gave her a life she ever aspired 

Not only to her but they left many inspired 

Then She knew it was not an End 

Maybe it was just a new beginning to be unfurled .

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