Memories Last forever .

Never Did I realize life can be  a Fairy Tale

Until You walked into my monochrome Life

You made me Paint my World in Pink

You Not only left an Impression on my Heart

Also Sprinkled Sparkles and Glitter Everywhere You Walked

Your Voice is music to my Soul

No more I need a pair of Glass Sandals

As I had You making my Story brighter than the Glow of Candles

Waited like the Sleeping Beauty by being Wide Awake

Never did I miss a Glimpse of You Walking by

You being you never knew What I was Upto

You moving on with Your Life while writing my Princess Diary

When the Sand in the Hourglass flowed down

Had days less than I could count

Nothing Lasts Forever, I know neither will this

But The Sweet memories are no less than bliss

I know Life Goes on...And I am glad it does.


                                                                  Image from Google


  1. Sad solemn piece. Sometimes things happen for no reason at all and its difficult to get back up, but life indeed goes on. Greetings!

  2. This is a beautiful poem. Even when the person is no longer in our life, the memory lasts.


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