For now and Forever ....

                                         It was Journey from Smiles , laughter to tears
                                         Silence is all we are left of, after all these years

                                         Little Talks over Coffee made the Time stand still
                                        Coffee without You leaves a Void that can't be filled

                                         If I could only reverse the clock to know what went wrong
                                         Misunderstanding has no place if the Trust is Strong

                                        I know , For now and Forever we will be together
                                       'Cause I know , Life is a roller coaster and an Adventure .





  1. Heyy Anoosha

    Lovely Poem :) I love the new look . ALSO , I have something to ask you. How did you got adsense in this dynamic view. I have been trying since days , could not do it.

    Can you help me please ?

  2. Hi Nikita .

    Thank You . Actually Had included Adsense in the Old Look of my Blog itself( Customized One) so When I converted it to this one , It automatically Shows up in the already chosen locations I selected in the Earning pages . So Technically I don't have any idea regarding it. Sorry :(
    Also Thank You for Stopping by. It means so much to me :)

  3. I love the poem. Life certainly is a roller coaster!


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