A Helping Hand

Its not my Problem !

Why Should I help Her , I don't know her .

Whatever ! She has to do it herself , Its her Problem not mine.

Dude ! I cannot waste my time helping others.

Sometimes I wonder How can people be so mean to others. Doesn't it hurt them too. Aren't we all falling down in the endless pit of Selfishness. All the questions which were worrying me since long ( from the longest Time I could Hardly recall ) Finally , I was given my Answer in the most Adorable way. There weren't any exchange of words or long conversations . Just an Act. An Act of Help . An Act of Thoughtfulness. An Act which makes you smile from Within. I really don't who he was or where he was from . All I know is he was the Man with helping hands. An act of Help is greatest of all , be it small or Large.

It all Began with Me fuming with anger . I am a kind of a person who strictly follows Traffic rules or rules in general. I really get irritated when someone shows disrespect by Breaking them. I had parked my Bike in the parking area in front of a Bank and went inside  for some work. My work at the Bank was Done and I stepped out of the bank to head home. To my Surprise , Around my bike there were two bikes parked in a such a manner leaving no space to make my way out. They were so so Closely Parked that I could hardly move my bike even a little. The temperature outside was really hot but My brain got hotter than the Atmospheric Temperature. Millions of Questions ran through my Mind. How can someone just park the vehicles just the way they like. While the parking lot was full , how can they even dare to park. Also Don't they use brain while Parking or how others vehicles would make their way out if its blocked by their vehicles.While I was struggling to make my way out , My mind was also struggling with thoughts of the people who care very little for the rules.

Amidst all this hustle in my mind , I saw a Man walking up to me silently . I can still remember , He was very calm and Expressionless. For a moment , I thought he was the one of the guys who parked so recklessly. I was fuming with even more anger. I felt like asking him right on his face that whether he knows anything about the trouble he causes others while doing things that comfort him. But to my astonishment , he asked which of the two bikes were more in my way out. I din't speak but showed him the Bike on my left by pointing a finger towards it. Without saying another word , He just moved the bike out of my way . Other than that , he also moved the other bike too and helped me to make my way out smoothly without scratching the paint off my Bike. 

Before Starting my Bike , I smiled and Thanked him for the Timely very much needed help. He said nothing but Nodded his Head and Walked away.

                                           Image from Google 

Some people just Walk in , shed some bright light in Your life and Just walk away. 
We hardly find such people in our lives who still go by the rules of Humanity.
This is a small incident with some great lessons and Answer to my questions of people being so insensitive.
World still has many people who keep it balanced with virtues of Kindness, Generosity and Selflessness.

To help those who are in trouble , no matter how big or small , gives you as well as the one who got helped a reason to smile :)


  1. What a nice guy! Some people really know how to brighten your day.

  2. Indeed :) And I am glad he helped me out 'cause if he hadn't I might have struggled for a long time :) And I am forever thankful to Him :)

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    1. All the Best for the Challenge :)

  4. God in the form of a human being. Dheivam manushya roopena.

    1. Indeed ! Little Ways Can Make a everlasting Difference :)

  5. This I needed to hear :)

    I have been in a dilemna in a similar kind of situation. This helped a lot. Love

  6. After this Incident Even I had a little change in my perspective. And I am Glad It could Help :)


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