Lets Learn a Language

Distance and Differences is what we always think of . I thought of embracing them using a mode of Communication . A Language . It can bring people Closer . Understand each Other even Better . I love the magic that Words Create. A short and beautiful Conversation with a complete stranger can make the day brighter . The power of Language is beyond one's imagination . But like always , the most important things in life are least thought of. I have always had a strong passion for learning new languages and never really thought of the people whose voice is left unheard. For me , they are not Voiceless , its just that they are unheard. 

It really took me many years to realize this fact . I wonder how one would feel if he/she is not being understood by others. We all know many languages , but have we ever tried to learn the Sign Language. Honestly , I never thought of It until I met a lady at one mall , who handed me a small card ( Post Card Sized Card ) with different signs used in the Sign Language. There's a line on the card that read " Deaf can do anything except hear !" We treat them like people with certain flaws but we fail to understand that they are different like each of us . None is Same .The lady was selling these cards to everyone so that we can learn the sign language or atleast try to understand what they are going through. My Daddy brought the card , the Smile on the face of the lady was priceless . 

This Year , One of the things to do on my list is to learn sign language as I know we always don't need words to express . 

God gives us literally innumerable things which are priceless but yet we tend to forget what we have until we come across the people who in spite of being differently able are embracing life with bright Smile . Lets take a moment from our busy lives to Thank Lord for everything he has done and will be doing for us. For I know, Daddy knows the Best for his Children .


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