Hello February !

Hello There Dear February !

Its really Good to See You . Feels like Just yesterday When You and I had some fabulous Days together but I know Its been a Year. Honestly , I didn't Miss You as I was Busy with everything else without much bothering about Date or Time . I know all the Calendar Stuff is Human created to have easy access to the records of Memory. Every Day is Just a similar day with a little Difference in Climate and Atmosphere. Okay ! Now I am going bit a Off Track.
So Yeah ! I am glad that You are back but I am also a Bit Worried because you grow me a Year older  *Sighs*. I am neither too excited nor too happy . It would be just another day where few people would be wishing me for being a year Older . But would  I be really a year Older ? Maybe Yes ! But Would I be really a year older in My Wisdom, In My Humility and in my Gratitude ?I guess Time will answer that.

So You are called the month of Love . For me You are the Month of my Birth.Every year I receive Few presents from My dear ones. I am seriously Thankful to each and Every present I have got so far. But the best present I have ever received is the LIFE itself. Thank You February for Gifting me LIFE. I would Cherish this forever more. Maybe this is the Reason I love You more than anything else.

Love You so much 
xoxo :)


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