Gift A Livelihood

How High the Ladder of Success is ?

How Can I get to the Top of it?

What are the Precautions I will Have to take if I fall?

Will The Ladder be able to stand my Weight?

What other skills will I require to Climb it ?

Endless Questions with Countless Solutions . In the busy world , We are so caught up with our own dreams and Journey of Success ,we just don't happen to see what others with lesser Opportunities are upto. We even ignore the Struggle and Pain they go through just to acquire basic essentials like Education. We think of Taking High leaps for ourselves while Ignoring the people who struggle to even Walk .

Midst All this Hustle , I happened to come across a wonderful Ad by ICICI and it was Titled  . It captivated me with its Simplicity and instead of Skipping the Ad , I was so immersed in it and found it to be very Inspiring, inspiring not just for another post on my blog but for life . Apart from sending inspirational vibes , It left an never forgettable mark in my Thoughts. It forced me to think that I have always planned for my Future and career but never did I think of Someone who had to give up his/her dreams surrendering to their Unavoidable Conditions of life. But even if I wanted to ,how far can one help another as everyone has certain Boundaries .But like my Father says , " If You have the Will , You will always find a Way " . And This Way is the ICICI Bank's Initiative Called  . Now , we all can give Wings to the Dreams of less fortunate People who have the Potential and Dedication to Achieve their Dreams. You never know You are maybe just a few clicks away from gifting a Livelihood to a Person who is as deserving as rest of Us .

P.s - This is not a Sponsored Post. I liked its Thought and as My blog is all about spreading Goodness , I thought of Writing it as I was touched by their Idea .


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