Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lets Learn a Language

Distance and Differences is what we always think of . I thought of embracing them using a mode of Communication . A Language . It can bring people Closer . Understand each Other even Better . I love the magic that Words Create. A short and beautiful Conversation with a complete stranger can make the day brighter . The power of Language is beyond one's imagination . But like always , the most important things in life are least thought of. I have always had a strong passion for learning new languages and never really thought of the people whose voice is left unheard. For me , they are not Voiceless , its just that they are unheard. 

It really took me many years to realize this fact . I wonder how one would feel if he/she is not being understood by others. We all know many languages , but have we ever tried to learn the Sign Language. Honestly , I never thought of It until I met a lady at one mall , who handed me a small card ( Post Card Sized Card ) with different signs used in the Sign Language. There's a line on the card that read " Deaf can do anything except hear !" We treat them like people with certain flaws but we fail to understand that they are different like each of us . None is Same .The lady was selling these cards to everyone so that we can learn the sign language or atleast try to understand what they are going through. My Daddy brought the card , the Smile on the face of the lady was priceless . 

This Year , One of the things to do on my list is to learn sign language as I know we always don't need words to express . 

God gives us literally innumerable things which are priceless but yet we tend to forget what we have until we come across the people who in spite of being differently able are embracing life with bright Smile . Lets take a moment from our busy lives to Thank Lord for everything he has done and will be doing for us. For I know, Daddy knows the Best for his Children .

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shattered Dreams

She started picking up the pieces of her Shattered Dreams

For now She knew they weren't meant to be a Team

Tried Every possible way to glue the pieces Back

Every time she tried harder , the more they cracked

Night after Night Her Dreams Haunted Her

She wanted to build new Castle of Hope 

Then Came the Darkest night of her life

This time , it was not her dreams that were Shattered

She was Broken into a million Pieces 

A part of her was still finding a ray of Sunshine on a Rainy Night

After every Storm , Sun shines even Bright

A man walked into her Life 

Walked her away from edge of Cliff to the center of Life 

Whats the Center of Life ? She Wondered 

Its Was LOVE !

P.s - Image from Google

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hello February !

Hello There Dear February !

Its really Good to See You . Feels like Just yesterday When You and I had some fabulous Days together but I know Its been a Year. Honestly , I didn't Miss You as I was Busy with everything else without much bothering about Date or Time . I know all the Calendar Stuff is Human created to have easy access to the records of Memory. Every Day is Just a similar day with a little Difference in Climate and Atmosphere. Okay ! Now I am going bit a Off Track.
So Yeah ! I am glad that You are back but I am also a Bit Worried because you grow me a Year older  *Sighs*. I am neither too excited nor too happy . It would be just another day where few people would be wishing me for being a year Older . But would  I be really a year Older ? Maybe Yes ! But Would I be really a year older in My Wisdom, In My Humility and in my Gratitude ?I guess Time will answer that.

So You are called the month of Love . For me You are the Month of my Birth.Every year I receive Few presents from My dear ones. I am seriously Thankful to each and Every present I have got so far. But the best present I have ever received is the LIFE itself. Thank You February for Gifting me LIFE. I would Cherish this forever more. Maybe this is the Reason I love You more than anything else.

Love You so much 
xoxo :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ship of Love

Your image slowly faded away from the Shores of my Memory

Winds of Time failed to blow away your Smile from the desert of my loneliness

I know we were never meant together yet We belonged together in the realm of my Fantasy

Our ship of love can never sail the Sea of Distance and Differences

Our Voyage ended even before our Ship hits the Waters of enchanting Bonding


                                                    Image From Google Search      

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gift A Livelihood

How High the Ladder of Success is ?

How Can I get to the Top of it?

What are the Precautions I will Have to take if I fall?

Will The Ladder be able to stand my Weight?

What other skills will I require to Climb it ?

Endless Questions with Countless Solutions . In the busy world , We are so caught up with our own dreams and Journey of Success ,we just don't happen to see what others with lesser Opportunities are upto. We even ignore the Struggle and Pain they go through just to acquire basic essentials like Education. We think of Taking High leaps for ourselves while Ignoring the people who struggle to even Walk .

Midst All this Hustle , I happened to come across a wonderful Ad by ICICI and it was Titled  . It captivated me with its Simplicity and instead of Skipping the Ad , I was so immersed in it and found it to be very Inspiring, inspiring not just for another post on my blog but for life . Apart from sending inspirational vibes , It left an never forgettable mark in my Thoughts. It forced me to think that I have always planned for my Future and career but never did I think of Someone who had to give up his/her dreams surrendering to their Unavoidable Conditions of life. But even if I wanted to ,how far can one help another as everyone has certain Boundaries .But like my Father says , " If You have the Will , You will always find a Way " . And This Way is the ICICI Bank's Initiative Called  . Now , we all can give Wings to the Dreams of less fortunate People who have the Potential and Dedication to Achieve their Dreams. You never know You are maybe just a few clicks away from gifting a Livelihood to a Person who is as deserving as rest of Us .

P.s - This is not a Sponsored Post. I liked its Thought and as My blog is all about spreading Goodness , I thought of Writing it as I was touched by their Idea .