The Heart of Giving

Every Art has a Unique feature that Defines and Highlights our Character as a Whole . We try to excel at every art possible for our Own Benefit . But There's something about the Art of Giving .
Not all of Us can be experts of giving . Infact None of Us can do it at all. But all of us know the Happiness we feel from inside when we Share .

On this Very Note would like to Share a Story that My Dad once told me .After Listening to the Story I have realized what is the real meaning of Giving.

Once Duryodhana and Lord Krishna had a little Conversation about The Art of Giving . Lord Krishna Explained that Not everyone is Good at giving to others only a very few can do it . Duryodhana unknown of this Art said that it doesn't sound difficult and Anyone can do it . To his Answer Lord Krishna was not surprised but was smiled at his Ignorance . Lord Krishna then to prove his Point brought three Huge Mountain like Heaps of Gold Coins and Asked Duryodhana to give it away . Duryodhana Sat next to the heaps . On that way many Sages and Rishis Happened to be going ,then Duryodhana took Handful of Gold Coins and Handed to every person that Walked by that Path. Many Days Passed Away but the Mountain like Heaps didn' t change a inch.By now Duryodhana was extremely exhausted as he never expected giving away was so tiring and Exhausting . Lord Krishna appeared and Asked Duryodhana ,What was bothering him . Duryodhana , Took a Deep breath , Looked at Lord Krishna and replied that He tricked him by giving huge heaps just to prove himself right. Lord Krishna Smiled at his Answer and Said , "I have not tricked you Dear Duryodhana . Look I will show You the way of Giving it " He then Called Karana and Asked him to do the Same . Karana gently Accepted it and Folded his Hands as Nameste and Sat next to the Heaps. Duryodhana's eyes were glued on Karana and midst all this Lord Krishna was Smiling.After Sometime , Three Rishis Passed by. Karana got up  , folded his Hands in Respect and donated each rishi a Heap of Gold coins. After doing so , He took leave from Lord Krishna and Duryodhana. Duryodhana still left Awestruck . Lord Krishna smiled and Said " That's How its done "

Not only Duryodhana , I was too Awestruck when I heard the Story. Then I realized that it was not the ART of Giving but it was HEART of Giving.

Giving is not an art to excel at but what really matters is the HEART of the Person .


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