Paper Doll

A Few Folds here , A few Folds there That's not what I bear

All You want to do is thrash me in the Bin just before I can realize

Color me With Love , Color me With Care

Only few in this Huge World who doesn't treat me Otherwise

Beat me to Blue and Black 'Cause my Parents are not Billionaire

You crush me so Hard till I paralyze

Treat me as nothing as I cannot give You and your family a Heir

Everytime You rip my Soul apart with your Lascivious Eyes

Beware ! Don't You Dare ! There's One who hears my Prayers , I swear

Don't treat me like a Paper Doll as I also Have a heart That Cries ....

Respect and Care for Women and girls .They also have Hearts which hurts . Treat them Well with Love and Care :)


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