Little Things ....

Life is a Movie made of all the Little things that Made You smile , giggle or Laugh out Loud

Every day may not be worth remembering but every day has a little Thing that adds up to my Jar of Memories

Never a Day passes by without me Smiling for  even tiniest Thing  like

1) Mom's Hug

2) Dad's Pat of Appreciation

3)Sister's Sharing and Care

4) Warm Cup of Coffee in Winter Morning

5)Innocent Smile of a Kid

6) Embracing the Breeze in the Evenings and Enjoying the Nature

7)Walking by the Beach and the Cold Breeze Wash off Your Worries

8) Reading my Fave Book

9) Sitting all by myself and spending time with my Imaginary friends from Movies and Books

10)Writing down my Thoughts

P.s - Images from the Google Search


  1. This is a nice thought. It's the little things that count. I totally agree =D


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