Is it Really a NEW year ?

Its New Year Already ! New Year , New Goals , New Challenges , New Opportunities , New Technologies , New Smart Ways , New Expectations. A lot of Buzz about what to do , How to do and When to do and Where to do. Constantly Working without a Pause to reach new heights of Success and Achieve that was once called IMPOSSIBLE. World Says We are Moving FORWARD ! We are moving Beyond the Horizon in Every aspect .

We are just a Click away from Everything We want , We need and to do anything.
Want to Shop - Click - Done
Pay Bills - Click - Done
Bookings - Click- Done
Want to talk to our dear in Remote place - Click - Done
Whats Happening in the World - Click - You know it all

Likewise We are Just a Click away from Destruction and Demolition

We are just a click away from Destroying the Humanity.

We are fighting a Fight without a real Cause , All we want is Power . A Power which is so powerless

to Save the Humanity. A power that makes all the Deadly weapons do all the Talking . A power

which makes people forget the purpose of their Existence. A power which is  Nothing but a Mere

worldly desire to rule the World without a Purpose . A Power which makes People slaves of it .

A Power which is making us rip each other's heart and Soul Apart

A Power which leaves Our Children Scared and lost

A Power which shatters the World into bits and pieces

A power which makes us into deadly creatures from being Humans

A Power which acts like a DRUG OF ADDICTION

A Power which leaves the World Black and Seas in RED.

Do we really need this all.?

Are we not just existing or Are we really living ?

Are we really behaving like the Children of  the Almighty ?

Are we really living a life which is Worth remembering ?

Its never too late...We can Still Change us and things around us if we want too..

I want to CHANGE.

I want to  be BETTER

I want to be a HUMAN as God Desires  :)


  1. Which is why we should pray more! We could be a click away from a better world too. I'm hopeful :)

  2. Hi Sharon ! Yes , I totally agree With You :)
    I am Hopeful too. Everything is going to be Better and Even Brighter :)
    Have a Good Day :)


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