Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Heart of Giving

Every Art has a Unique feature that Defines and Highlights our Character as a Whole . We try to excel at every art possible for our Own Benefit . But There's something about the Art of Giving .
Not all of Us can be experts of giving . Infact None of Us can do it at all. But all of us know the Happiness we feel from inside when we Share .

On this Very Note would like to Share a Story that My Dad once told me .After Listening to the Story I have realized what is the real meaning of Giving.

Once Duryodhana and Lord Krishna had a little Conversation about The Art of Giving . Lord Krishna Explained that Not everyone is Good at giving to others only a very few can do it . Duryodhana unknown of this Art said that it doesn't sound difficult and Anyone can do it . To his Answer Lord Krishna was not surprised but was smiled at his Ignorance . Lord Krishna then to prove his Point brought three Huge Mountain like Heaps of Gold Coins and Asked Duryodhana to give it away . Duryodhana Sat next to the heaps . On that way many Sages and Rishis Happened to be going ,then Duryodhana took Handful of Gold Coins and Handed to every person that Walked by that Path. Many Days Passed Away but the Mountain like Heaps didn' t change a inch.By now Duryodhana was extremely exhausted as he never expected giving away was so tiring and Exhausting . Lord Krishna appeared and Asked Duryodhana ,What was bothering him . Duryodhana , Took a Deep breath , Looked at Lord Krishna and replied that He tricked him by giving huge heaps just to prove himself right. Lord Krishna Smiled at his Answer and Said , "I have not tricked you Dear Duryodhana . Look I will show You the way of Giving it " He then Called Karana and Asked him to do the Same . Karana gently Accepted it and Folded his Hands as Nameste and Sat next to the Heaps. Duryodhana's eyes were glued on Karana and midst all this Lord Krishna was Smiling.After Sometime , Three Rishis Passed by. Karana got up  , folded his Hands in Respect and donated each rishi a Heap of Gold coins. After doing so , He took leave from Lord Krishna and Duryodhana. Duryodhana still left Awestruck . Lord Krishna smiled and Said " That's How its done "

Not only Duryodhana , I was too Awestruck when I heard the Story. Then I realized that it was not the ART of Giving but it was HEART of Giving.

Giving is not an art to excel at but what really matters is the HEART of the Person .

Friday, January 22, 2016

Little Things ....

Life is a Movie made of all the Little things that Made You smile , giggle or Laugh out Loud

Every day may not be worth remembering but every day has a little Thing that adds up to my Jar of Memories

Never a Day passes by without me Smiling for  even tiniest Thing  like

1) Mom's Hug

2) Dad's Pat of Appreciation

3)Sister's Sharing and Care

4) Warm Cup of Coffee in Winter Morning

5)Innocent Smile of a Kid

6) Embracing the Breeze in the Evenings and Enjoying the Nature

7)Walking by the Beach and the Cold Breeze Wash off Your Worries

8) Reading my Fave Book

9) Sitting all by myself and spending time with my Imaginary friends from Movies and Books

10)Writing down my Thoughts

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Memory

STOP ! Turn Away...

Walk Away...This Is not You.

Find the Girl You used to be

Let go the feelings you have for him said her Mind

A Tiny Tear rolled down her cheek with her head still directed side way and eyes still not losing the sight of his door

Her Eyes Spoke Volumes but none could understand .

Wiped off her Tears ,She Turned away and Looked at the path ahead

Smiled as if she was Happy but She felt a Huge Void and Walked away....

She carried the Memory in  her Heart which became the reason for her living

She never looked backed ,She did not see ahead either

She stood Still hanging onto his Memories

Never did she utter his Name , Never did she spoke of Him

Always Smiled and had been the Girl She used to be .

                                                           Image from Google Search

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book Review : Ramayana -The Game of Life - Stolen Hope

Book        : Ramayana 
                   The Game of Life - Stolen Hope

Author      : Shubha Vilas 

Pages        : 312

Publisher  : Jaico

Ramayana ,The Game of Life- Stolen Hope is the Third Book in the Six Volume Series Written By Shubha Vilas . This Book Narrates the the Lesser known Stories of the Ramayana  in a Language which is easy to Understand .Its Beautifully written describing every Character and Incident in very comprehensive way. This Book mainly Sheds light on the Episode of  Encounter with Surpankha , Chasing the Golden Deer , and Abduction Of Sita . The Key Characters of this Book are Rama,Lakshmana , Sita , Ravana ,Surpankha , and Jatayu .

The Author of the Book highlights many not so widely known Stories that Sum Up the Journey of Rama, along with his Wife Sita and Brother Lakshmana,during the Exile Period. The Author narrates the Story Highlighting the Virtues ,Righteousness,Nobility and Ethics of Rama who is Considered as the Ideal Human or Perfect Man while giving every single detail of the Demon King Ravana, his Cruel ways , his lust for Women , His Unfair,Unlawful and Unjust ways of Living. Its also Throws light on the incidents where Ravana was Cursed by various Sages which is Quite Interesting to know.The Author Clearly defines the two forces , The Positive force Being Rama and his Righteous Ways and the Negative force being The Ravana and his Unethical ways and relates them to our Personal and Modern lives. The title is Justified as the book highlights the episode of Sita being Abducted by Ravana and also sheds light on the misery Rama faces when he discovers that Sita has gone missing . 

This Book reflects the Mythology in a Simpler Way and bears the thoughts of the Author as footnotes which give a deeper insight into the Incidents and a greater perspective at looking and Understanding the Inner value of the Story than thinking of it as just a Story. The Author also draws out a Moral Lesson and shares his point of View about the respective Event as footnotes and relates the Values or Acts  of  the Character to our Daily faced Problems and our Modern ways of Living. 

Here are the Few which I really Liked are :

- Curses are like the thunderstorms that bring in the rain of repentance and the rainbow of Realignment

- Historical travel create roadmaps 
  Historical Speeches create mindsets .
  Historical habits create cultures
  Historical mistakes create wisdom 

- Real Beauty awakens the love in all hearts and envy in None

-   All the Change is not Negative . Change Often Brings positive          upgradation.
    When a Caterpillar goes through Change ,it upgrades to a                  Butterfly
    When a Seed goes through Change ,it upgrades to a Plant
    When an Egg goes through Change ,it upgrades to a chick.
    When external change reveals internal Stability ,it upgrades             Others Confidence in You .

The fact I really like about this Book is that the Author has explained the Values and Moral lessons in a Very Poetic Style , They are also Inspiring and makes us give it a Thought .

Another thing which really struck me was the little Deer Print at the footer of the page  that moves from its initial Position, at the second page of Chapter 1, little by little as we turn the Pages and move ahead in the Story and finally  ,at the last page of the Last chapter , there is a print of the deer with a arrow pierced in its Body .So if we flip the pages really quick ,the print of the deer seems to be running. Its really fascinating .


The Book also includes Brief description of stories of First Book and Second Book at the Beginning right after the Acknowledgments under the Title "The Story So Far..".So while reading this Book one feels like going with the Flow.
And at the end , a Brief Introduction of the upcoming 4th book of Series is also included which increases the levels of Curiosity and Excitement.

People  Interested in Mythology will enjoy reading it as it reveals many not so widely known Stories as well along with the Ramayana.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Is it Really a NEW year ?

Its New Year Already ! New Year , New Goals , New Challenges , New Opportunities , New Technologies , New Smart Ways , New Expectations. A lot of Buzz about what to do , How to do and When to do and Where to do. Constantly Working without a Pause to reach new heights of Success and Achieve that was once called IMPOSSIBLE. World Says We are Moving FORWARD ! We are moving Beyond the Horizon in Every aspect .

We are just a Click away from Everything We want , We need and to do anything.
Want to Shop - Click - Done
Pay Bills - Click - Done
Bookings - Click- Done
Want to talk to our dear in Remote place - Click - Done
Whats Happening in the World - Click - You know it all

Likewise We are Just a Click away from Destruction and Demolition

We are just a click away from Destroying the Humanity.

We are fighting a Fight without a real Cause , All we want is Power . A Power which is so powerless

to Save the Humanity. A power that makes all the Deadly weapons do all the Talking . A power

which makes people forget the purpose of their Existence. A power which is  Nothing but a Mere

worldly desire to rule the World without a Purpose . A Power which makes People slaves of it .

A Power which is making us rip each other's heart and Soul Apart

A Power which leaves Our Children Scared and lost

A Power which shatters the World into bits and pieces

A power which makes us into deadly creatures from being Humans

A Power which acts like a DRUG OF ADDICTION

A Power which leaves the World Black and Seas in RED.

Do we really need this all.?

Are we not just existing or Are we really living ?

Are we really behaving like the Children of  the Almighty ?

Are we really living a life which is Worth remembering ?

Its never too late...We can Still Change us and things around us if we want too..

I want to CHANGE.

I want to  be BETTER

I want to be a HUMAN as God Desires  :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Paper Doll

A Few Folds here , A few Folds there That's not what I bear

All You want to do is thrash me in the Bin just before I can realize

Color me With Love , Color me With Care

Only few in this Huge World who doesn't treat me Otherwise

Beat me to Blue and Black 'Cause my Parents are not Billionaire

You crush me so Hard till I paralyze

Treat me as nothing as I cannot give You and your family a Heir

Everytime You rip my Soul apart with your Lascivious Eyes

Beware ! Don't You Dare ! There's One who hears my Prayers , I swear

Don't treat me like a Paper Doll as I also Have a heart That Cries ....

Respect and Care for Women and girls .They also have Hearts which hurts . Treat them Well with Love and Care :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Connection

Storm of Feelings and Emotions raging inside me
All I can is fake a Smile midst the Confusion mixed with Depression
Conceal what I have for You and Be the Girl I used to be 
Can't Name it , or Share It .All I can say is I had a Connection...

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