Thursday, December 29, 2016

Love is just Love.

                                 The moment he walked in 

                       Her Heart skipped a beat 

                       Then her every beat echoed his name 

                       She was no longer the same 

                        She changed.

                        Changed in love and full of love to share.

                        Everyday She rose in love 

                        Everything started to fall in place.


                                                              Image from Google Search.

It's not always  about being together and spending every minute of your life with the person you are in love with . It's also not always being loved back . These are like terms and conditions that come along. While love doesn't have any of such rules. It's all about feeling the love . It's about living in love. It's about loving the love and spending your moment about how wonderful it feels being in love.Even if you are not loved back , remind yourself you are blessed to feel it , though one way. Enjoy Love . Celebrate it . Cherish it .




Monday, December 5, 2016


                                                                 Don't hide them 

                                                                Don't conceal them

                                                                  Don't cover them

                       For your scars are beautiful 

                         Let them shine bright

                         Let the world know

                         For every Scar has a story to share

                                                                  A story of courage

                                                                   A story of Survival

                                                                   A story of undying will power and faith

                                                                   A story of Sacrifice 

                  Versions of stories may differ

                  But What remains same is the fight.

                  Scars silently convey your strength and passion for life.


                                                   Smile at them for they are beautiful 

                           Embrace them for they are the symbol of your strength.

                                             Let them be seen , for they aren't meant to hide.




Wednesday, November 9, 2016

At the end of the bend .


                                                        A deep breath She took

                                                    Walked the path less trodden

                                                  Unaware of where it would lead

                                               Or what waited at the end of the bend


                                   Darker and spooky it was as she walked ahead

                         'Turn back while you can ' her mind continuously  said

                                    Unheard her mind and brushed away her fears

                                   She became her own strength over the Years

                The path wasn't so welcoming yet she wasn't scared anymore

          For at the end of the road , there is whole new world to explore.


Just because it's different and new , it doesn't mean it's wrong . Or just because everyone else is doing it doesn't makes it right. It depends on one's own perspective . The once believed to be wrong becomes  right later.You never know , how the things may turn around.Just because something is being done in certain particular manner doesn't mean that it's only the way to do. There may be some unexplored ways or untried ways to do it.

                                      Everything depends on how you look at things. Let's change our way to look at things. Let's not narrow our thoughts .It's time to broaden our view and rise beyond our fear and have faith in ourselves. Let's explore the world . Let's try something new. Even if we fail , atleast we will be happy that we tried something new . We don't actually fail , we just become better .












Sunday, October 23, 2016

More than just likes ,share and comments.

We keep uploading every picture we take on the social media platforms and that's definitely great, for they will always serve as memories . Through these pictures , we get to know what is happening in our friends lives.But when we are having a rough time , these pictures make you feel like you are nothing or not worthy enough to exist. Perfect pictures or the happy videos don't describe what exactly you are composed of or what you do or what you are capable of .

Pictures are either just pictures or some happy memories .No one takes a picture while crying to sleep or while they are feeling low. In this world , where everything is going digital , we prefer sharing everything we do or think through various friendly social media platforms.We hardly talk directly to a person sitting next to us. All those amazing pictures one shares makes you think or even get envious of why they are having a good life while you aren't so blessed like they are. We fail to understand that they are just pictures and not their full version of life. Everyone's life has ups and downs. Just a fancy picture doesn't describe the life being perfect. Life is never perfect and never will be .That's the beauty of life. Also Pictures are not perfect either . The way you look at them make the pictures either lovely or just another picture.Pictures might look amazing and happy . But you may never know what the person is going through even if he / she is smiling in the picture. Or You don't even know what a struggle it was for the person to take such a beautiful picture or how many might they have clicked to get the required picture. You never know . Because , we are so desperately attracted to what others want us to see . 

                                         Picture  from Google search

The reason  is we wish the life others are living and failing to see how wonderful our life already is . We are so attracted to others happy lives that we fail to see the blessings and happiness we are bestowed with. Let's appreciate the pictures for they are someone 's memories, someone's talent or someone's art or someone's career. But let not make them feel you inferior because you are not. We all need to remember , we have various applications to make our pictures look  wonderful .So let not pictures deceive you about you have nothing worth while.In our lives too , we have a software to create a better life and It's called Gratitude. Be grateful to everything you have as It will make your life beautiful and happier. 

PS - I Love pictures for I always appreciate them for they mean so much to the person who is in it or taken it . I felt like writing this post as I myself and many others like me felt that way once.But When I realized that we must count our blessings than feeling sorry for why is our life not like those wonderful pictures.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Denim Diaries.

Hello There !

The most comfiest type of Garment for me is a pair of Jeans. It's something that is very comfortable yet makes you look stylish. To be honest, I am more of Tee-shirt and Jeans kinda girl.A perfect pair of Jeans is everything I need. A perfect pair of Jeans to me is something that embraces you and defines your personality.Since we all believe and know that pictures speak louder than words , hence I have represented few of my preferred looks through pictures.

That being said , here are few of my looks with a pair of Jeans I usually prefer :

           1) Denim Shirt with Star prints with a Black Jeans .

2) A Kaftan Top with a Blue Jeans .

3) A Fringe crop top with a Blue Jeans .

4) A Black tank top with denim Vest with Blue Jeans.

5) A bow printed baby pink top with Blue Jeans

Do let me know how you style your basic Jeans. Would love to know it :) 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Beauty of Everything .

                                              Nothing lasts forever 

                             That's the beauty of everything .

                                              The Smaller , the sweeter it is 
                         The longer it stays ,it's magic fades away.

                        Every story ends only to become a history

                            Story without an end is just an mystery .

Picture from Google Search 



Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Nothing but a lie.

It all started with a twinkle in his eyes

Then She started falling for all his lies

Neither can She leave ,nor even did she try

Night after night , all she did was cry

Maybe she has loved him with all her heart

Maybe the pain of separation was tearing her apart

She waited , day after day for the man she once loved to come back

With an undying hope ,everyday She relived memories from the stack

It was beyond her strength  to let go and move on

But She din't realize the days of Spring had long gone.

For She fell deeply in love with a guy 

Who was nothing but a lie .

                                                          Picture from Google Search.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Difficult is the new easy .

I wonder why the difficult is the new easier way .

I wonder why is it too hard to take responsibility while very easy to blame

I wonder why is it too hard to appreciate but beyond easy to shame

I wonder why is it too hard to heal but beyond easy to hurt

I wonder why is too easy to cheat yet very tough to trust

I wonder why is too easy to condemn but too difficult to forgive.

I wonder why is too difficult to Love yet very easy to nourish Hatred.

The question that haunts everyone and leaves none

Why ? Why ? Why is it so difficult to avoid a war 

 And even more difficult to make peace.


Picture from Google Search.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September .

                                        A brand new day in the new month.

                                            Let's not waste any tiny bit of it 

                                       For we are here to live and not exist

                                                      Let's not dig the Past

                                            Let's not worry about the future

                                           For , God has planned it all for us .

                                      We all have today , a bright sunny day.

                                              Let's smile ,celebrate and cherish 

                                            Let's get inspired and admire the life

                             Let's not be indifferent , but let's make a difference.



Friday, August 26, 2016


                                                  Broken pieces of  Mirror

                       Always end up showing a broken image

                                  Ripples in the water 

                            Never reflect a stable image 

                                     Riding a wild horse 

                   Never makes the journey easy or smooth 

                                         Disturbed Mind 

                            Never guides you the right way 

Problems disturb your mind and soul . But decisions taken with a trouble mind never give us the right solution. No matter how hard the life may be , Keep Calm and be Patient as the better days are ahead.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All you've got is only You.

No Where to go , No where to Stay

Running away from the crisis , surely is not the way

Whatever it is , face it , fight it and defeat it

Don't just survive feeling for yourself ,pity .

Un-hear your mind and embrace your fears

Be Patient and soon the smoke of hardship will clear

Remember , All you've got is only You

As you know it ,in the need no one comes to your rescue.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Be You .

                                                       I may not be perfect 

                                                   I was never meant to be

                                                For I was born to be just me 

                                                    Wild , Weird and  Free  

 PS - I have created this picture as I am so into calligraphy these days. Do let me know how you guys like it.

Happy Blogging.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chase away Love.

                                         Cursed with eternal loneliness

                         Locked in the dungeons of isolation 

                        Battling  the Darkness of  Vengeance

                     For ego blows out the candle of forgiveness

                   And the Ship of kindness never made it the shores

                   'Cause We chose to hate and chase away Love.

Everyday we wake to news that pinches our soul and heart. But we being we , we just go on with our busy lives and don't even care to spend a thought even if its free. We hardly care as it has happened to someone who is not known to us. We fail to realize that in a way or other , every person on the earth is related every other person through relationship of Humanity.

 Picture from




Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Battle the World din't knew.

Draped in the Colors of Night

Streets silently spoke of  her plight

Words were many , Only few echoed the truth

Soft whispers turned into voices , every time she crossed the booth

                       Nobody knew who She was or where she belonged to

               Why She was the way She is , No body had a Clue

              'Cause Its easy to judge and hardly the World Cares

               World can be cruel  but She knew God is always Fair

Fighting a battle for what she believed to be Godly right

Fought like a warrior ,and its was rarest of sight

Wounded , injured and fallen to the ground 

Her will as strong as rock , She was ready to rebound

We , the people are so quick at passing judgment rather taking a minute to realize that we have no right of pointing others  . Why are we so busy at judging others? Why can't we invest the same time bettering our own life? Just give it a thought, it will already make your life Better.




Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 ways to happier You .

Happy ? Happier or Happiest ? What I do I want to be ?. Definitely Happy .Or maybe Happier .C'mon who am I kidding .Of course , not only I but each one of us want be the Happiest and trust me there's nothing wrong with it. Also there is one thing Your Happiness is entirely related to you and has nothing to do with others. Its not really that Hard to be happy every day . Happiness is that brightest ray of sunshine even if its Night .Wondering how ? Its easy , its not the sun that changes its direction ,its us ( I mean , the Earth ) who rotate . So even if we see it or not the sunshine is always there. You just need to feel it .So here are the few easy things which will help us be happy while we are here.

1) Respect and Love yourself for what  you are.

One thing all of us should remember before hating our own self. We are made by the God ,You and I , Everyone knows that God doesn't make mistakes. If he has created us , its for a reason .So Stop hating or blaming yourself for whatever you are. Start loving yourself , You will discover new you with lot of potential you could ever imagine of .

2) Never Compare Yourself.

Stop ! Stop it right there if You are comparing yourself to someone else.You are not an amount to be measured or compared relative to someone. You are You and no one can ever replace you from being you. Be proud to be you .Don't let other's benchmarks influence your life. Comparison only makes thing messier and creates unnecessary emotions . No two persons lives are alike . That's what makes World exciting and worth living.

3) Stop Existing and Start Living .

Every single and Tiniest moment is special .Live it before it slips into the box called Past. Make the most of every second, make it worth remembering . All these tiny moments make you and Your Life. Don't care what the world thinks , if You think its right do it anyway.

4) Be Grateful Always and forever.

Be Thankful for the life you are living , however it maybe at least you have one. Being grateful makes you a better You.Never Complain for what you dint get , if you din't get something maybe its for the best. Never consider the price , always value everything.

5) Don't Judge Others and don't mind if you are judged.

Life is better when you judge less and Admire more.Before You judge  Firstly remind yourself , its not your life to make statements and secondly you gain nothing doing it except you feed your so called Ego and nothingness.While there 's so much more to admire in this world , why waste your time judging others.Also pay least attention to those who judge you as its not going change your life for better or for worse. It may hurt ( It definitely hurts after all we are all humans ) but don't let it break you . And what doesn't break You , makes you stronger.

Your judgement doesn't define who really a person is , it just shows how miserable you are.

PS - Gifs and Picture are from Google.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Once Voiceless Soul

It was the beginning of the end

Pieces of life scattered and lost

She was like Silent Sea

With a storm to unleash

She was not scared but Scarred

With the labels of Judgement

She was like a kite struck in dry branches of a tree

Wondered day and night what it feels like to be free

Only her thoughts were free but needed a voice

A voice so strong and Soft at the same time

Also , She knew every thing has a price

Maybe not this time , for her thoughts were sublime

This time She din't give up and harder she tried

Her thoughts found a life in her writings

Her Words spoke louder than her inner voice

The unspoken thoughts , now had the voice of their own

Her thoughts now were the topic of every lip

The Once Voiceless soul lost in the hustle of the World

Had her thoughts gave her a life she ever aspired 

Not only to her but they left many inspired 

Then She knew it was not an End 

Maybe it was just a new beginning to be unfurled .

Google Image 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Things A beautifully Romantic Single Does

Hopelessly In love with the Love are the People who are Single .

Yes ! You 've heard it right Single people believe in Love too .In fact , they are Beautifully Romantic at heart and find something to love in every thing they see.

1) They live in their Imaginary world where things are just like in a fairy tale . All things Pink , Sparkles and Glitter. For them , everything turns perfect just like in a Cute Korean Love story Movies.
P.s I love watching Korean Movies.


2) Imagine and Enact their favorite scenes of their favorite movies and most importantly they become the main male / female role .They Relive the same scene with a little adjustments as per their preferences.

3)Every time they listen to some of their favorite love / romantic songs with beautiful lyrics they are undoubtedly lost in a World painted with their perfect imagination of Love of course !


4)They feel immense pain or even worst they Weep so hard when there is heart break scene in the movie or even if the lovers get separated .

5) 'Awwwww' is literally their favorite word to express -How Lovely, how romantic or How adorable . Any cute love scene they watch or imagine, their immediate reaction would be , yes you guessed it right- Awwwwww :)

6) When a Cute Random guy just looks / Stares them for a second or two , they may not show it and even if its very short lived , they feel so happy at heart as they have found one they have been waiting so long .

7) These Singles have a Celebrity crush since ages , they keep stalking ( In the most adorable ways ) them on their social media platforms and keep smiling and blushing even at their most normal updates.

Let me know some of the things you know that these amazing singles do , Would love to know more .

All the Gifs are taken from Google and


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Do it For You .

Every Day , Nothing Seems to Change

Some day when you turn back and look

Nothing remains Same.

                             Whatever You have today would perish with Time

                   Whatever is New today will be Old Tomorrow

                  Whatever seems to be nothing today will be Everything .

Today , Let Your Feelings flow 

Don't keep them Locked and Let them know

How long this moment would last

Not only You but Barely anyone knows 

                     Feared and too confused to follow where  your heart  takes

               Better be what You want to be than be some Fake

               Go along with your heart , and Your Dreams too 

                Live not for the World , But for You.





Saturday, April 30, 2016


Zero !

Its hard to understand the Power of Zero . The general Meaning of Zero is Nothing . Useless . Valueless . But What really fascinates me is when Zero Stands alone , It has no value . True ,Isn't it ?
The Same Zero which appears beside any of the digits of the Numeral System , it instantly increases its Entire Value . The more the number of zeroes beside a digit , The greater is its value . At the same time , a stand alone Zero  is nothing . Strange but True . 

Hence , we complete the A to  Z Challenge 2016 . And I am quite happy the way my A to Z Challenge has turned out. Its quite an over whelming moment for me . I hope You all had great blogging time too .

Friday, April 29, 2016


                    There may be million but there is no one ever like you

                World might have changed You while You Grew

              Start being true to Yourself , You are a Pure as Dew

               Many may envy and dislike You , Also there a few

              Though Few , They love you with a Heart that's True

               Spend some time with You to explore the New You

                 There are days when You feel lonely and Blue

               You'll find Million of blessings showered on You

              When you think once and Change your angle of View .




Thursday, April 28, 2016

X-rays to scan out other's intentions

Right now I am having kind of Mixed feelings . I am beyond happy that I could come this far in this Challenge .Please Someone Pinch me as I am still not able to believe that I came till the word X. But being more than Happy , I am in a Fix right now. Wondering , What Am I speaking about? Don't Worry , I am just confused about what to write with letter X. Then an idea struck my mind . More Dramatically Saying , it was a Dawn of new idea in my Brain.

Okay so coming to the Point , I felt X rays is something I was always fascinated about. These are some miraculous Rays when summed up with right Equipment can show what's exactly underneath our body.Alright , I know you all know what X rays are and what are they often used for. Honestly I am so bad at explaining Scientific Stuff and its Purpose. So now I have discovered what I have to improve to be a better blogger.My Way of explaining stuff and of course my writing too.Well , We are always students of life . Right ?

After thinking Endlessly through numerous nights trying to figure out why people behave the way they do to hurt others . Even worse , some try to be nice on outside while they curse you and always wish bad for you on the inside. OMG ! These type of people really scare me because its not easy to scan what's on their mind. Every time I think of these things, I feel that I wish I had some X- rays type of thing in real life which can be used to scan out what other person's intentions are . Wow ! Sounds really interesting for me . But at last its just a Wish . If every person could scan out other's intentions ,eventually Everybody would be living alone. Or even worse , everyday would be like a War with every other person you meet . Ummm...That might ruin the whole essence of life,Isn't it ?Because in the end, Our life is ours and We should live it gathering every tiny memory that made us happy instead of scanning other's Intentions.Why Should we waste our time finding out what others think about us . I feel we should focus more on us and Try to be a better  version of our own self every day .

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

William Wordsworth 's She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways

As a Kid , and Even Now , I am so fascinated with William Wordsworth Poems. There is a special charm in his poems which makes me visualize the scene of what I read. It beautifully lands me in the lands of his imagination . I love his work and He is my inspiration . Here's a poem written by him which I love and Thought of Sharing it in the A to Z challenge.

She dwelt among the untrodden ways
 Beside the springs of Dove,
Maid whom there were none to praise
And very few to love:

A violet by a mossy stone
Half hidden from the eye!
Fair as a star, when only one
Is shining in the sky.

She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
The difference to me! 

                      William Wordsworth .



Tuesday, April 26, 2016




                            On the Snowy Mountains as Pure as Dew

                   Bright Sunny Days were limited and  few

                   Dancing to the Music of  Snowy loneliness

                   Awaiting my Sunny days of Coziness

                   Alone I stand  and Smile ,Spreading my Violet Hues 
                    Being crushed under the Shoe is all I refuse.







Monday, April 25, 2016

Underneath the Smiles

                       Every Thing You see can be just an illusion 

               'Cause What appears to be is just What you see

                  Not Every Smile  makes its way from Heart

                   Underneath There can be Immense pain 

                   Before You Judge and Make it too far

                  Think Once , What made them become what they are

                  'Cause every darkness may not be a night

                 For Sometimes Darkness is Absence of Light






Saturday, April 23, 2016

Time Heals , does it really ?

                                       Time flees with a Blink of an Eye 

                          But the Pain from  past always drops by

                          Time may heal but leaves you scattered

         'cause When trust is scarred, Nothing remains same thereafter.




Friday, April 22, 2016

Storm of emotions

                                   Sailing against the Storm of Emotions

                         She was to make her Decision 

                         Finally She knew what she had to do

                        'Cause every ending is a beginning too



Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rather Be lonely than Loved

                             Wrapped in the Silence of a Winter Night

                       She Cried herself to Sleep 

                       Years in the Darkness of loneliness 

                       She thought , Finding love was only her flashlight

                       So Desperately wanting to be loved 

                       She fell for all his lies Outright

                       With the time, her existence too was shoved

                       Empty conversations and lonely nights

                       For  She Loved him for a man he never was

                       'Cause all he told her were just and just lies

                        Though late it was yet  She realized 

                        Its better to be lonely than to be loved .



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quotes by Little Big Girl

- We care more for the Things called mine than for the things called Ours

- Speak the Words Worth Remembering

   Never the Words Worth Forgetting

- Not always the Doors are closed

  Its just we happen to lose the Keys .

- The power of Imagination is Beyond  measure

  For those Who get it , Its a Priceless Treasure.

- Why try to be someone else

  When I can be the Best of Me.


                                                         Thoughts of Little Big Girl .

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Preserve the Priceless

We often think very less of the most important things in Life. Like our Own Breath. Its the most important process for the life to continue. But Have You ever spent even a minute or two thinking about it? Its said , We don't realize the value of what we have until we lose it. Unfortunately , Its true. Lately , I have been reading about the drought that has hit few parts of India. Situation is Worse. Every single drop of water has been evaporated.But Thankfully, Humanity still prevails and Rules .Water in Huge Quantities is being Transported to lands that have dried up and People are at the edge of losing Hope.Wait ! Hope never fades away. Hope is like the Brightest ray of Sunlight which sneaks out even through or over the walls of Darkness. But What worries me is that Today only few places are facing worse drought and Fortunately other places have sufficient water to help. But What if , over the Times , Even the places with Abundant water lose the blessing by running faster in the race of ignorance and Pleasure.

If We come out of our Concrete Jungles and flip few pages back in the Book called Life  , we would realize how cruel and thoughtless We have become. We price things easily but have forgotten the Value of Priceless. No more the Air is Pure neither is Water. Its Good to move ahead , We are really believed to move forward when We enhance the beauty and value of sources that already exist . Destroying the very foundation then Building a Castle doesn't make any sense.

Things would make sense even better when we realize that WE BELONG TO EARTH .

                                     Don't take me for Granted 

                                     For I am to be Preserved 
                                    Think Twice before You Destroy 

                                    For I am the real reason of your Joy

Monday, April 18, 2016

Okay to be not Okay

                             Say it Out Loud , If it makes you feel  Better

          'Cause its not easy to fake a Smile while being Broken Inside

          'Tis Okay to be not Okay ,Be Brave as Nothing lasts forever

              Good to be Strong but nothing wrong being Fragile

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nature's Justice

Its not easy to escape her Observation

For we are always on my radar

Deeds will  Forever be Blessed

Ill Actions will not be spared

For She can be the Cool Breeze

And  She can be a Raging Storm .

Friday, April 15, 2016


She Said "We maybe apart by Miles

Thankfully we are all under the Same Sky"

She Talked to Him through Moon 

And he replied her through Stars

In Between the Sky Smiled

For the Beautiful Bond They Shared 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lonely At Heart

                                                      She Walked away 

                                                 And Never Looked Back

                                 She was not exactly Happy

                                     Neither was She Sad

                            Broken Heart and Shattered Dreams 
                        Her Life Started to fall apart beyond Repair
                                  'Cause he was a Nightmare
                                  Assumed to be a Day Dream 

                                               Days Passed

                     Pretending to Be Strong  and Brave was her art

                        Maybe 'cause She was  Lonely At Heart.....