Love is Sometimes Letting Go

I never Felt this way ever Before
Even Short of Words to say how I feel
Is it for Real but looks like life in the reel
I am aware , Life's not a Movie
Nor does it has second Chances
What should I do or Say
Fight the Feeling or just go along the way
People say Love is Kind and Patient
I say its true when its two way
Its hard to not to feel what I feel
Because I know What I feel
All I afraid is You may never know
Sitting against the Window Pane
All I think is nothing but About You
Its Said Love is Beautiful
Then why does it Hurt too
Maybe I am only the one in Love with You
And you don't even have a Cue
I wish upon a Star to find a way
To make my dreams of You to come true
 I guess its too late for me to say
Or May be its better to let you go
'Cause love is not always being loved back


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