Friday, December 25, 2015

Nothing is Everything

Absence of fear is not Courage
Courage is the will to overcome the Situation no matter how difficult it maybe and turn things around .

Absence of Light is not Darkness
Light is the element which is in your Heart and guides you the way when you are lost

Absence of Unhappiness is not Happiness
Happiness is the emotion of heart which the heart feels even though it has nothing

Absence of everything is not Nothing
Nothing is when you have everything but still you can feel a Void in you and Your Life

Absence of Hope is not Despair
Despair is a Situation when you lose the will to believe and Fight Back 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Love is Sometimes Letting Go

I never Felt this way ever Before
Even Short of Words to say how I feel
Is it for Real but looks like life in the reel
I am aware , Life's not a Movie
Nor does it has second Chances
What should I do or Say
Fight the Feeling or just go along the way
People say Love is Kind and Patient
I say its true when its two way
Its hard to not to feel what I feel
Because I know What I feel
All I afraid is You may never know
Sitting against the Window Pane
All I think is nothing but About You
Its Said Love is Beautiful
Then why does it Hurt too
Maybe I am only the one in Love with You
And you don't even have a Cue
I wish upon a Star to find a way
To make my dreams of You to come true
 I guess its too late for me to say
Or May be its better to let you go
'Cause love is not always being loved back