Dear Mother Earth ,

I know, You are the reason for our Existence

But We 've been hurting You with our Ignorance

You treat us with Unconditional Love and Affection

I realize Gravitational force is not the only Connection

In Universe , You are the Center of Attraction

For me , You are beyond Perfection

We've been dividing you in the name of Boundaries

In reality We failed every attempt , as you are inextricable

You carry Burden beyond our Imagination

Endure all our world Cravings with lots of Patience

Never Ever did I Thank you for all that You do

Indeed ,You are my loving Mother

I promise as a Human , I will try to be Better :)

Lets respect , Love and Celebrate the Beauty of Mother Earth .Lets Love her back and Embrace its beauty in its Natural form. Lets us not forget that We came from her and let us Pass the Beauty and Love of Mother Earth to the next Generation so that they can treasure it too :)

Here are few Pictures from Google which I love :)



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