2 weeks of Exams or Fun ?

Finally I am done with my Final year 1st semester Exams . But to be Honest ,I din't feel the exam pressure at all. Usually I'm kind of a person who takes exams very seriously ,I don't know how I managed to be so cool and Under control through-out the horrifying weeks of exams. I guess I've started to look at things just the way they are instead of using my over-the-limits imagination. Or I 've lost my focus on my studies. Whatever the reason be , I am happy . At the end of the day that's what really matters.

Past two weeks of exams were full of fun,Its hard to believe so because exams are considered to be most toughest part of a Student's life. I completed reading almost everything I had to for the exams. Gained a lot of knowledge about the things I had no idea at all. Developed many skills of negotiation, persuasion , Conflict resolution, marketing channels and everything related to Human resources . Not everything but to some extent.

Apart from the studies, I had so much adventure on my way to the examination center, I have a friend who came along with me to write her exams . Well, she is my classmate as well but more than that she is good person and a friend. She would write down everything that is important from the exam point of view . She was sitting on the back seat of my two-wheeler and  helped me  to revise everything We've learnt the last night. She would keep repeating all the important points I asked her so that I can memorize them correctly. With lot of patience she would help me memorize the points I had  forget.


The best part of the past two weeks was that Whatever my friend and I would discuss on our fun -filled 5 km or less than that adventurous journey to the examination center , the same questions with minor variations would appear on the question paper. Wow ! That was miraculous for us .

I would call the ride a adventurous one because on our way , We had people laughing at us for the way we memorized the things, many people would break the traffic rules and interrupt our path and in turn curse us for following the rules. But also, while remembering our subject we din't let go our own selves ,even in the middle of serious subject discussion we would crack jokes about the subject or anything we would find funny on the road.


Really I had so much fun writing the exams. I 've figured out  lately though, that things turn out the way we treat them . Lets face the things, be them difficult or easy , find the courage and face them because no problem comes without a solution .

P.s : The Lovely pictures have been taken from Google :)


  1. How wonderful you are enjoying this time of life. I have very fond memories of my college years. Stay positive, you'll finish eventually. The goal is just around the corner.

    1. Thank you . You words really encourage me work harder and give my best :)

  2. Wish you a Merry Christmas Too :)


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