Joy of Living :)

I love being with myself as its the only time when you can be real me .I am a dreamer just like everyone else . I have always dreamed of some places so that I can share some beautiful memories with myself. These places make me sing,dance and embrace myself and love myself for what I am. I 've not figured out yet who I am actually.These beautiful and enchanting places which are very ordinary make feel extraordinary from within. I discover the joy of being me and help me connect and blend completely with the nature.

1)Walking on the beach ,smiling every time the cold breeze gently touches my cheek and passes through the hair giving them fresh scent .Feet tickles and I giggle every time the pure water of the sea gently touches the feet and washes away the foot-prints left behind. 

2) Running through the field and embracing the cool breeze .Filling in all the goodness of nature and spreading smiles  and letting go all the worries :)

3)Entering into a completely another world of one's own dreams through a book leaning on your best buddy ,Tree. The only friend who knows only to give rather than taking back . Best depending friend for life :) We land on a paradise where one's own dreams take the form and makes one's life enchanting.

4) Embracing the Mother Earth and holding her tightly to feel the warmth .Sharing every thought and word which were left unheard by the World . Sharing laughs ,joy and everything nice under the beautiful Blue sky with the green grass beneath .

5)Getting completely drenched in the happiness and joy that's directly sent from the heaven above. When it rains or the climate that turns before raining just brings out the long lost kid inside me. The rain washes away all the worries and tensions of the world .

I find a lot of pleasure spending some time with myself and Nature as its the only way where I can discover the real joy of living .

P.S : All these wonderful pictures are taken from Google .

Happy Blogging !


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