The Window :) Part-1

Beautiful Black sky with grey clouds floating and fighting each other to grab the best position in the sky to get a clear look of the girl seeing them doing everything to hold a special place in her heart. The green trees swinging back and forth dropping their leaves making a beautiful way just like a way to bride's aisle . Flowers smiling even brighter as their wish would come true in minutes . They can have their pearl like dew drops adding to their beauty ,fresh essence of purity .People running up to their terraces to gather their clothes so that they could avoid another round of hard work . The first drop of rain came running fast as it can to touch the mother earth as every drop of rain wishes to have the first hug from the mother earth. After the first drop came its brothers and sisters to spread the joy ,happiness, and freshness to almost withered atmosphere. As the showers of nature were turned on , all the birds flew to their nests and all this was being watched closed by a girl through a window . Even though the window was small , the girl had huge beautiful view of nature. She was feeling the cool breeze touching her cheek gently and whispering , " Here we are as you wanted " . 


  1. I love your blog! such a cute blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC ?? Let me know if you follow i'll follow you back!

  2. Hi Priyanjana . I am glad you liked it . Thank you so much it means the world to me :)
    I don't what GFC is . Do you mean Google Circles? If yes , Then I would love to follow you :)


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