Tring -Tring !

For past few days ,in fact  for the past few years I've been losing or misplacing my stuff. And when I need them . Surprise ! Surprise ! I can't find them .

Wondering why?

Of course , I am too lazy to organize or put the things back in place. And I am not ashamed of it at all. Nay .Because being organised makes me lose the adventure. For example-Being Unorganized , while we are searching for something , we end up finding something else which we've been searching for years. (hehehehe)

But nowadays if we put our cell phone somewhere and totally forget about it. No Problem at all. We can find it back very easily . Wondering How?? Simple ,just call your phone.

On hearing our favorite music or song, We can find back our cell-phone ,in my case ,either under a pillow or under a pile of books. At times I can find it under my bed as well .  See assigning a music to your phone helps you find it back. But what about other things like Your ID card, Your bike keys, your wallet.....never ending list for me.

So Every time I am hunting for something , I always say to myself,wish every thing in this world has a ring-tone. Trust me would save so much time !


Happy Blogging!

Happy RakshaBandhan to everyone :)


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