Life without Internet

For past two days I 've been so lonely and stressed out .The story behind my annoyed nature begins as follows

 I had a mini vacation at College on account of Home sick Holidays for the new comers. Well , I was overwhelmed  to know that I will be having 4 days of freedom . Yayyy! Finally! Felt like my life was going just the way I wanted it to move. So here comes Saturday . Day 1 of my Holidays. I get up ,freshen up and then come to my room to take my laptop . Then I switched on my Modem. When was about to hit the power button of my laptop . BOOOOMMM! POWER GONE.
 That marked the beginning of bad day! :( Later the things got much worse when I realized that my modem was unable to connect to the network . I tried ,tried and tried like an ant that's trying to climb a wall polished with oil. But at the end of the day it was all in vain :(

Usually my day begins and ends with Internet . But to my  surprise that wasn't the end . To complain to the BSNL about my modem it was a SUNDAY. Official Holiday . It was like a wreck on a wreck. I was completely helpless.Just spent my time watching Movies on TV. As its said everything happens for a reason , I got a chance to have a clear view about the saying. On that Sunday, I really had a great time watching some of the amazing movies. Now when I think of it, had my modem not be under repair I might have not seen these amazing movies. ( So was bit happy with Sunday ).

Monday . Day 3 . Heavy rain right from the night to noon. After drafting a complain to the BSNL. The technicians came and sorted out my problem. Finally , I connected to the Internet. Well I am so addicted to it that even a day without it feels like years. Thanks to the Internet for keeping me and my world so colorful and Busy .

Happy Blogging!


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