After deciding to write about switching of moods , I wondered what actually a mood is . Then of course, following the very routine way I googled about it . It stated ":mood is an emotional state. Moods differ from emotions in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Moods generally have either a positive or negative valence" and so on and on and on....I always thought mood is such a simple thing.I thought its just the way we feel at a certain specific time and it switches from one state of mind to another just as the chameleon changes its color.( I know comparison was awful but can't help it..hehe ).But after reading about it in the google, I thought I have a condition here which is Confusion. I lost the control . The things which appear so simple to me are so complicated in fact. ohhh! After sometime I gathered myself slowly and restored my normal state. So the bottom line was not to read the full scientific story about a certain concept.
 Well by now ,I guess everyone 's mood might have changed like "this is so boring " or " lets just go back " or " close the entire window" or " lets just scroll down" If you are thinking to scroll down then I must say " you are in a good mood..Yayyy!

I am one simple and ordinary human being. I mean I have just one physical state but I have innumerable emotional states. I wonder when I can't change my physical state...Then how can I change my emotional state i.e mood??? In fact I have realized I have no power to change my mood too. It just changes the way it likes .How?? Well I have got no exact answer for this . But as per me, I found some reasons for switching of our moods. The situations or the circumstances we face in our day creates our so called emotional state. Like If its our bithday , We feel happy and everything seems so joyful. But If we have a fight with our dear ones, then our mood suddenly turns to a irritated or annoyed one.

So all depends on the situations or conditions. If we are able to remain in the same mood( I mean in a controlled state) no matter what then We are almost close to being perfect Human being .( Here perfect means  walking on the path that God shows us).

Many times the actions of others controls our mood. Many a times our own actions take control of our mood. So today on,I will be striving to have a balanced mind and body no matter how people treat me or the life treats me as Life is too short to waste even a moment by being sad ,annoyed, or being in any sadder version moods.

These days , we can exhibit our moods on the social networking sites as well . We need not write down the whole story but we can just use a smiley or emoticons to exhibit our mood.Well, I love those cute round yellow smileys .OMG ! they are so cute. These days ,people use these emoticons to reply too.Wow!! Interesting. Now we need not hurt our fingers writing long long paragraphs and instead just insert a emoticon . Just a click and the idea is conveyed. Technology...Hats off to you .I don't know much about these emoji's as there is wide variety of them available in the recently launched phones like hand gestures, animals, and some other cute stuff.

Have a fun with these emoticon :)

Happy Blogging !

P.s :Pictures are from Google :)


  1. Sometimes we really can't help our moods. If we can, it's best to always have a positive outlook. It makes life much easier!


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