Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liebster Award

I've never felt so happy and energetic in the weekends (Because I started this post on Saturday but publishing it today ). In fact I've never felt this way before .Well,"firsts" are always special and closer to heart .So is this award. THE LIEBSTER AWARD.

I feel extremely elated to be nominated for the award.Thank you so much Celina Torres . I can't describe in words how I am feeling right now .Its a way of appreciating and encouraging the new bloggers and broaden the scope of their blogs.

Here are the few rules to be followed to accept the award :
  • Link back to the blog that has nominated you.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs that have less than 200 followers
  • Answer the questions posted to you by your nominator.
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Contact your nominees and let them know that you've nominated them.
Celina's Questions for me :

1)Why Blog?
To be very frank ,I never thought I would write down and share my thoughts or feelings . But there is always a time when you need someone to hear and understand your unspoken words. I am a person who has quite different or (most of people say weird ) thoughts from the people around me.I believe in broad thinking and free living . So I needed a magical diary to preserve  everything I feel . So blog or blogging is my gateway to the world I've always dreamed of and imagined. 

2)What is your favorite sport/activity/hobby besides blogging or writing ?

 I've grown up watching cartoon channel and my childhood buddies were Powerpuff girls ,Dexter's Laboratory and all the Disney characters. Thus,I've developed a strong passion for drawing cartoon characters.Every time I draw something ,it adds a colorful memory to my store.It gives me a feeling that cannot be described in words. So whenever I am free and in a happy mood I always spare some time drawing some cartoons .

3)Which is your favorite Blog post ?

Well ,I am not sure whether I have to select it from others or my own blog so I would go with my blog posts only. Its always difficult to pick one as your favorite because I like more than one every time and in every thing. So my favorite post by far is the post from my A- Z challenge i.e;  A- Attitude

4)What is your Spirit Animal ?

Butterfly . Its a teaches us the facts associated with Change and transformation. 

5)Any guilty pleasures?  

Ummm...I am trying really hard to come up with an answer for this question.I don't know whats my guilty pleasure. So If I come across such pleasure I will definitely update this answer :)

6)What is favorite book and why?

I 've always liked the books that are full of unconditional love,sensitivity,and care. It should include all the elements that come along with Love. Also I am fascinated with magical and happy ending stories.(Princess Stories ) But the book that stands out of the crowd for me is A Walk to remember by Nicolas Sparks.Every time you read the book ,it feels like the first time. That was the book that moved me to tears at the end. It was really worth reading .

7)Which fictional character do you most identify with? 

Fiction !! Its always very very difficult to pick just one among the things that are best in one way or other.I love fiction because it is something imaginative and out of our routine world.If I am to choose a single character then it would be Aerial ,The little Mermaid. I like her because she lives in her world of imagination(Just like I do).Just like Aerial  I like to try new things ,discover new ways for better living and above all I believe in my dreams . There are many other things which are similar between me and Aerial. So Aerial would be that fictional character.

8)If you could only describe yourself in three words what would they be ?

Just three words. That's too short for a person like me who is not a great writer.So this is quite challenging for me and am going to try it.So I will describe myself in the following words


9)When are you happiest ?

I guess I am happy most of the times as I believe that Life is too short to waste even a second weeping. So yes I try to make the best of every moment available and yeah many times I fail too. Happens because after all I am a human being. But there are few things that make me Happiest like watching my favorite movies without any disturbance ,listening to music ,watching some cute princess cartoons ,eating the food I love,playing with my baby niece.

10)If you could meet anybody living or dead who would it be?

That person who was the artist of Pappyland ,a program which I used to watch when I was a kid.He used to teach little kids how to draw and color. In fact I used to watch and draw along with him. He was such a great inspiration for me. I wish I could meet the person who taught me to draw.I don't even know his name but still I admire him.

11 facts about myself .This is like re-discovering myself all over again. Its time to fall in love with myself all over again .So lets get started .

1) Love watching different types of movies a lot(Whether action,comedy or romantic,No problem can watch anytime and anywhere) and I imagine myself in the place of lead role .For example ,if I am watching Alice in the wonderland ,then I become Alice for the day. Wow it really feels amazing while doing it .

2)I am a cartoon artist just by my hobby and it has nothing to do with my career.

3)Pani-puri and Pav bhaji are the two dishes I love the most and have the capability to eat them everyday.

4) I believe in fairy-tales ,guardians and superheroes even though I am 23.I always look up to them every time I feel like I need them.

5)Shoes are my besties in my closet.

6)I like to stay late in nights and also I get -up after Sun-rise.

7)Love strawberries and Cherries to the core even though the availability of these fruits in my country is limited.

8)Still I love Stuffed toys . No matter what I never share my toys with anyone. Nah! Absolutely not :)

9) Am good at delivering speeches in public .

10)My motto is simple which is Live and let live .

11)Ummmm...I am very lazy ( I mean very very lazy ) during Holidays.

My Nominees are 

1)The Pink Dewdrops

2)Creative Ramblings

3)Shells,Tales and Sails

4)Suzannes Tribe

5)Anything But Ordinary

Since I loved and even enjoyed while answering the questions given by Celina Torres so I would like my nominees to answer the same.Here are the questions :

1)Why Blog?

2)What is your favorite sport/activity/hobby besides blogging or writing ?

3)Which is your favorite Blog post ?

4)What is your Spirit Animal ?

5)Any guilty pleasures?

6)What is favorite book and why?

7)Which fictional character do you most identify with? 

8)If you could only describe yourself in three words what would they be ?

9)When are you happiest ?

10)If you could meet anybody living or dead who would it be?

Happy Blogging !

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's day gift ideas

Wow ! Time flies with the blink of an eye. As we are to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow I want to share some of my gift ideas so that in case you wondering what you should present to your mom. Because whatever be the occasion whether its a birthday or wedding Anniversary I always get confused with what should I get for them . Eventually I get them something I like( Which is so not happening).

I am so looking forward to this day as I want to do something special for the most special person in my life.

So here are some ideas :

1) A dish exclusively made by You : I am not a great cook .In fact I do not cook at all (So far I know how to make tea & 2 minutes noodles).I don't know Why don't I like cooking ? Anyways that's another story saved for later. But this mother's Day I am going to make sandwiches .(I know that's a very simple dish but that's a huge task for me )So just get into the kitchen and make something very special for your mom . However your dish tastes but be sure to present it in a very cute manner like a small flower vase or some chocolates bowl. Try to be colorful with you presentation .

I trying something like this :)

2) Flowers and a greeting : Women love flowers. By the way mothers love anything their kids give because they don't the see gift but the thought & concern of their kids . So you can never go wrong with flowers. With a cherry on top, gift her a beautiful greeting with a hand written message only for her .

3)Fragrance candles : Well I am not sure whether everyone likes Candles or not but Its one of the best things you can gift anyone.They are the symbols of Sacrifice and Enlightenment . And fragrance candles not only brighten up your room but also add a pleasant smell to your room . My mom would definitely love this .

4) Jewellery Holder : There is no doubt that women are always in love with their ornaments . But many a times moms lose their precious jewellery as they place them at someplace and then forget. This happens because they have lot of stuff but unorganized.So lets give them something to keep their jewellery in place and organized. This would add some glitter to their Vanity.

5)Scarp book : Memories are something we love the most. We can't feel them back physically but if given a chance we would love to re-live them . Isn't it? In reality that's impossible but we can keep them alive in form of pictures ,videos .So make a scrap book for your mom that contains pictures from her child-hood to the current life.This would make her happy and also she would be able to re-collect all her good memories.

These are few ideas which I think are cute for my mom. But only thing is to be considered that present her something which is of some use to her.

Thanks for visiting.

Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely moms out there .

P.s : Pictures from google

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life Happens !

Guys you won't believe what did I just discover . Guess ! Guess! Guess !

Wohoooo...I 've got  new song for this month. Its simply so refreshing that I can forget all my worries behind me and get a new and fresh start. Its so girlie and inspiring at the same time. It sounds cool and perfect for girls day out  or any day out with friends but its so much more than a mere song .It actually reveals the very true fact of life. It conveys the very fact that nothing works as per our plan but its already pre-written.Life just comes with its own surprises and we need to just get along with the flow.

It says Life just happens anytime & anywhere.

I am so in love with this song...So guys  just check out this video and get started with your own adventure of life :)

Enjoy the song :)