The Story of a Shoeaholic

My inner self says "You already have  a few which are more than enough for now"

I say to myself " I just can't get enough of them". I beg myself saying just one more ,please just one more! Eventually, I end up getting those which made me fall in love with them at first sight.

Well, this is not only my story I guess but there are many girls out there who have quite similar story with a different version .

Wondering what am I talking about? Well , I am a pure Shoeaholic. Yes! I am :)

Thank God, then there's nothing wrong with me.

Sometimes I don't know what happens to me. I just get crazy whenever I pass by a Foot-wear Showroom." OMG! They are so amazing ,I want them all " would be my first reaction looking at the shoes displayed in the shop.

People around me would say that I am quite a silly girl with a silly obsession for Shoes.

I would say its not so easy being a Shoeaholic.

Every Shoeaholic is one of a kind. Different Strategies are taken up  while selecting a pair of shoes. These strategies varies from a Shoeaholic to another.  No two people follow the same rules of selection

I would say its definitely not an easy task. Not everybody can get an A in this test which seems so easy .

Its nothing like getting into the showroom ,pick a pair of comfy shoes, pay the bill, take the bag and just vanish.

Its more of  going to one of the shops that sells cute, comfy and trendy foot wear for every occasion and in every color.Then decide which section of shoe ( like wedges,bellies,flip-flops,stilettos,pumps,flats... ) to go as per  the occasion you will be wearing the shoes, dress , time of occasion(like day or night) and the color of the dress with which the shoes will go well .Not only this we also need to consider the color,pattern and style of the Shoes we pick along with the type of Shoes  like Floral,Classic,Animal printed,Glittery,Studded and what not. Once entered into the required section we need to give a glance at the entire section so that no baby is missed out of our sight because we need to consider every shoe ,you never know what your heart says to choose. (Well , If I could, I would never ever leave any baby behind.) Then once we need to go back our closet and think about of the color and styles of dresses we have.
Having considered all the dresses ,you need to start picking pairs of Shoes. Try on and have a look at the mirror . My favorite time, its time to walk the ramp and give a pose.Sounds weird but I would say don't be shy. No, not even a little because you are making the most important decision of your life ;)


I know ,people around will stare ridiculously at you but don't you worry because nothing should come in the way of you and your Shoes. Having done with the picking, next thing which is essential of all is which of them are going home with you. Well, this is a quiet tough one. Lets make it easy girls, Concentrate! Think, which of the pair will make to your closet. Which Pair would look good and goes well with maximum number of your dresses.Still stuck with the selection. At this point, all the ladies will have two choices

1) Take all the pairs so far selected

2)Leave them all...Nah ! Just Kidding. If we do so, we wouldn't be Shoeaholics .Right?

So Finally the decision will be made either by asking the your mom or any one who is with you during the shopping about their choice. Trust me girls this is very helpful in making right decision at times.


 Just grab the ones which attracted you towards them at the very first look .Sounds like Love at First sight. ? Yes it is Love at first sight :) :)

Thus, Pay the bill, collect the bags  and just go on with your shopping.

Well, the story doesn't end here. Surprised?

Yes,its definitely not the end here.The story has just begun. There's not only one Foot- wear  showroom in the town or city. Lets check out whats new in the next Show room !

 The thing is we can't just get enough of shoes. Just as my mood swings ,my choice of shoes changes. Once bellies,then Wedges. Sometimes flip-flops, other times Gladiators. At times Converse the other times pumps.Oh God! This never stops .                                                                  

I am happy to be a Shoeaholic. Are you?

Thanks for visiting ! Your comments are always Appreciated, feel free to share your thoughts :)

Happy Blogging :)

Pictures are taken randomly from google :)


  1. I hate shoes, hate wearing them, only ever wear trainers. I have a pair of boots for the winter and some sandals that I got married in but no shoes. I don't even have my formal shoes any more. However, shoes on the other women can be the damn sexiest thing in the world. Just not on me. lol

    1. Yes , I totally agree with you with the thing that on some women shoes look damn good. Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again :)

  2. I'm not a shopper at all but I do like shoes and bags because I always know my size- no mirror anxiety!

    1. I am glad that you like shoes too and yes I do bags also .Well, its fun sometimes to look ourselves in mirror while trying something new :) Thanks for stopping by and Hope to see you again :)

  3. I'm so grateful I'm not a shoe fanatic. They can be so expensive! I cringe when I'm told it's a nice event because that means high heels, ugh. Give me flip flops any time!!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge
    co-host IWSG

    1. Shoes can be a costly affair and I completely agree with you.You are right my dear Elsie ,Flip-flops are super comfy.Thank you for stopping by and Hope to see you again :)

  4. I'm not a shoe person either. But I love your exposition of them!

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    1. Thank you so much dear Jemima . Hope to see you again :)

  5. I got rid of 60 pairs once and still had 120 pairs left. I didn't think that was a lot. I loved how a mood could be transformed with a different pair of shoes, even if they were the same colour. A lot has changed since then - I'm mostly barefoot now and only have a few pairs, mostly sandals or boots, that I wear on a regular basis. By the way Anoosha your captcha is on which is likely to reduce the amount of people that comment on your blog during the #atozchallenge - let me know if you need help turning it off.

    1. Wow ! That's a lot ,I mean it might be like a little show room of shoes in your house.Sounds so amazing.Shoes do transform our mood and give us the new version of ourselves . To be honest , We just require only few pairs but its our love for them which makes us want more and more.Thank you so much dear Ida for informing me about captcha . Its turned off now. Thank you so much for helping and supporting me. I Hope to see you again :)

  6. Hey! you deceived me! I thought that was your collection till the last line :/
    Next time you could show me your collection no? I am a shoeaholic in a way too but since i just started earning, i have only checked a few of my love at first sight collection ;) I wish i was a billionaire...for soo many reasons!!

    Also, i am participating in the April A2Z challenge. Come visit my blog sometime :)

    1. Hey! Well, I 've not got a huge collection but few pairs of different types. I wish I could have put pictures of my own shoes but I am really not great at taking pictures. Good to know you are a shoe lover too. Nice , every one wishes to be one (billionaire) . Yeah sure would be my pleasure :) Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again :)

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