All of a sudden,out of nowhere I realized that its Summer time now. Sun's shining brighter than before above my head , breeze of hot air slightly kissing me on my face , the thirst prevails throughout the day, attracted to everything that's cold and even feel like plunging into water bodies. Ahhh , if you have the same symptoms like I do then you should know that Summer has already set in.

Summer is special in its own way. Power- cuts, hike in cold drinks prices , number of flavours of ice -creams are available now, installation of manual water services ,caps, colorful umbrellas , and yeah not to forget coconut water. Don't tell me you don't like it. I bet everyone likes to have a glass or two .

I feel a picture is better than a thousand words. So I guess the picture below would describe summer better than anyone else. So here we go..


Well, I am not a great fan of Summer but there are few things that I love about Summer Season...

1) We get a long Summer Vacation no matter what you are studying. Every Student has a perfect right to Summer Holidays.

2)This is the best part of Summer season, I get to eat MANGOES. Yes ! you heard me right. I love mangoes. They are not just fruits but I would say King of Fruits.

3) Apart from ripe mangoes, We can also get unripe mangoes out of which tasty and spicy pickles can be made.When I say pickles, my mouth's watering like I don't know what to compare with.

4)We get to wear loose and cotton clothes which are so comfy and soothing in the hot Sun. Especially we get to wear whites. Yayy!

5)We get to visit number of Summer resorts with family and friends , which is so much fun .

6) The experience of cool breeze touching your body in the Summer nights feels like you are in the heaven.That feeling is so priceless.

Apart from these enjoyments a lot of precautions are to be taken too. Here are few tips you should take care of                                                                                                                                                                 1) Carry a bottle of water where ever you go because our bodies get intensely dehydrated during  Summers.                                                                                                                                               2)Eat as many as fruits as you can . The fruits which have high water content like water melons.
3) Drink coconut water as many times as possible.
4) At the end of your meal do not forget to finish it off with Curd or Yogurt.   
5) Occasional drink butter milk with a pinch of sugar .
6) Avoid wearing blacks.
7) Put on your Shades to have cooler vision.(Plus point of wearing shades is that they make you look stunning.)

These are the few things I follow every Summer. If you have some more tips then please feel free to share . 

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Summer time                                                    


  1. when i was kid,i used to like summer coz lots of holidays and we get time to play caroms from morning till evening with neighbourhood kids and we used to play cricket and shuttle badminton in the evening once it gets lil bit cool.

    banaganapalli is a town in kurnool district,andhra pradesh.you get original or real mango variety only in this town. banaganapalli town got mango orchards in its outskirts called as kausar bagh where you get two varieties of mangoes called baneshan,palli(most sweetest and tastiest).they ripe mangoes on trees itself called CHAKUS .original banaganapalli mangoes produce is very less and they are consumed by my home town and some mangoes are sent as gift to relatives,they are not exported.rest of banaganapalli varieties sold at other places are like hybrid,they are not real.in the name of real estate and in construction of irrigation canals,most of mango orchards did vanish.i don't think there are any trees left in that town any more.

    the most happiest thing from my childhood is playing in sand near pond with lots of lotus flowers,its fairy tale kinda life during summers in my grandma village.you know the pond water is lil bit red and villagers believe that warrior parashuram took bath in this pond after killing kshtriya kings so the color of water is lil bit red.though this belief is out of ignorance and superstition.laying in sand and looking at sky near pond is immortal feeling.

    after growing up, i don't like summers coz i dehydrate like hell and sweating is the thing i hate most.when i go to lab,my professor used to say "why did ya make pond around".i can't survive without a air conditioner so my fvrt season is winter. the smell or fragrance of winter is amazing and you feel like you got fresh lease of life.


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