At Crossroads

Very Often we face a situation where we need to make a choice. And seriously we have no idea where our choice will lead us. Sometimes our decision may be right and sometimes not. If its right well and good. If not its GREAT. I say GREAT because you will learn to analyse more effectively before you make a choice next time . I have learnt this from past few years .Literally it took me years to make better decisions related to food. Yes! You heard it right its related to FOOD.

To be frank I am not a great food lover . I don't even know what kinds of dishes are available in the huge world except the bunch of dishes I like and are available in my country. I was least bothered about it.

As a kid, I ate food because my mom told me to.

When I was teenager, I became choosy and ate what I felt like eating ( Only the food that made me feel better and happy but no healthy food)

Till two years back, I only ate the food that tasted delicious but never the food that was healthy. I mean no leafy veggies, No fiber content food, no proteins and the list of food you should eat to be healthy.Even if healthy food was cooked at home , I tried every possible way to skip it. And to my surprise I was successful at times.

I loved only food that is considered fast food and Unhealthy.

Now I am a completely changed person . Last year taught me the greatest lessons ever taught. Now, I eat everything that is healthy and healthy. At the start, I felt it very difficult to eat leafy veggies and everything that one should eat to keep himself /herself healthy and strong. To restore my health I had to eat but it was like a great war between my hand and my mouth. Every time my hand listened to my heart and My mouth listened to my brain. As usual ,heart wins. Before it was like swimming under the water in dark.As I searched and tried to sort out the mystery behind Why people prefer healthy food to tasty food? I have discovered something worthy to save many lives. Every healthy food has a magical life saving and protecting capacity. It always has godly thing in it to protect our body from virus and infections. It also has preventing qualities.
Then on , the war slowly vanished. I feel it easy and comfortable to eat anything that's healthy and I don't care even if its not tasty.

But we all know a fact that earth is round. Again one day I had a counter with tasty foods. I was like OMG! Where on earth were you till now? I feels so good to meet you guys again . I knew the fact that oily and spicy food isn't good enough for health but that's what every human is made of  i.e, weaknesses or I would like to say the areas we need to improve.

Today , I can eat leafy veggies because they are healthy but I love fast food because its tasty.

But When I have to make a choice between them , I am at the Crossroads with total confusion.

" Healthy food is never tasty and the tasty food is never healthy " That's exactly what I say to myself at the crossroads.

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  1. Food has become a big issue. Time was we ate because we were hungry, and we ate a balanced diet because that's all there was. Now there is so much temptation. One of my pet hates is food programmes on TV - shows that are designed to make you think that food is art, and that it has to be difficult to prepare. Words like jus and reduction. Drives me crazy. I have decided the best diet is one that is varied and multicoloured - and the occasional burger or portion of fried chicken isn't going to kill me.

    1. Hi Julia. I completely and totally agree with you. Having a balanced diet is must for every one today but with all this temptations around we find it very hard to go for healthy stuff. And yeah you are right a occasional burger is not that bad enough :)

  2. beautiful blog....keep in touch...plz join my blog

  3. Most of that tastiness you love in unhealthy foods is large amounts of salt and sugar... If you eat healthy food for long enough, chips end up tasting like oil that leave an awful coating on your mouth...try to find healthy foods that are crunchy - it's the crunch factor that puts most people at the crossroads, healthy food can be delicious too.

    1. Hi Ida. Yeah , you are so correct. Even though I know I should eat healthy but I tilt slowly towards the stuff that's not healthy at all.Thank you for the helping me out . From now as you 've suggested I am going to eat the healthy food that are crunchy. Thank you so much dear Ida :) Keep in touch :)


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